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May 26th


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When I first started blogging I did a Home Office Smackdown and readers sent in pics of their home offices. Very complicated. A friend, Jordan Nielsen, posted something similar this morning and in a moment of boredom I decided to play along and will link this to his comments. I invite you to link yours in mine. Why? Why not? (Click the pic to embiggen it.)

On a side note – anyone out there ever have Photoshop’s Photomerge go through its paces with a small handful of jpgs only to simply end up with nothing at all, as if you’d never started the process? Very strange – for the life of me I can’t get it to work. Gurus feel free to chime in. But only once you’ve shot your office/studio/workspace and linked it in the comments.

May 26th


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Switching to "Pro"

I just read an article online that’s pushing me to react. It’s an honest account by a man who’s giving up the freelance life in favour of going back to “working for the man.” Good for him for being so honest and candid, but the article saddened me. So, I’m reacting and writing another of […]

May 14th


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Planning The Revolution (viva!)

I have no idea where the whole revolution thing comes into play here. I get dangerous when you put a metaphor into my untrained hands. But I’ve been itching to use my image of Che with the Apple logo, so I did. Call it artistic license. I’m back to the idea of intentionality and a […]

Apr 20th


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This is REO, a 6-week old Cocker Spaniel I had a chance to photograph this week-end. One of my photographic ventures is RedCollar Photographic. My passion is shooting the world and creating photo-resources for the humanitarian and NGO community but I can only be out on the field so much. So, RedCollar is a something […]

Nov 2nd


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Ten Great Gifts for the Travelling Photographer

Christmas is coming. So is my birthday. So, overlooking the fact that the perfect gift for the guy who has everything is nothing at all, these are my top-ten great gifts for the travelling photographer. If you’re the spouse of a photographer, look at it this way – they’ll probably buy this stuff, or stuff […]

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