Jun 9th


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New 13" MacBook Pro, etc.


Yesterday my corner of the twittersphere was filled with talk about the “Gear is Good, Vision is Better” manifesto, including some entertaining satire from my friend GKB (he’s on Twitter as @gregkb ) who’s taken on the mantle of the Gear Guru, my arch-nemisis whose manifesto would more than likely be “Screw Vision, Give Me Something Shiny”. It’s exciting to see this all resonating with people, even sarcastically. It’s the beginning of the predicted revolution :-)

But while we’re talking about shiny – Apple announced the sudden appearance of FireWire 800 on its 13″ MacBooks.  Can’t tell you how glad I am to have held off buying a new laptop – I haven’t really looked at the specs, but just knowing they’re reversing the bone-headed no-FireWire decision on the last generation of 13″ MacBooks makes me happy. Now, give me a 500GB SSD drive and I’ll name my first child Apple. Or my next cat. Whichever comes first. The 13″ MacBook is now the 13″ MacBook Pro, and while I’ll wait a little before buying one, I am thrilled it’s happened. I’m predicting this’ll be the new favourite for travelling assignment photographers. Not everyone is going to dig the built-in, non-changeable battery, nor the SD card slot that comes at the expense of an Express slot and is, to me, totally useless. But it’s a longer life battery and I don’t use my second one much anyways. Right now a 13″ MacBook Pro with 4gb RAM and a 256GB SSD drive would run me $2300USD, about $200 less than a similarily spec’d 15″ model. Frankly, I’d pay a little more than the 15″ model just to get a smaller machine.

Love the off-camera lighting mojo that the Strobist revolution has been advancing? David Hobby looks at the Speedlight Pro Kit, a nice-looking portable kit for the budget-minded looking to increase the versatility of your flashes. See it HERE.

And speaking of resonating and being happy, Within The Frame seems to be catching a lot of people by surprise and I’ve never been more excited about something I’ve created. When this all began my goal was not to write a schmaltzy bestseller, but to write something that resonated, something important. Anyways, thanks to all of you who’ve sent in emails – knowing that I’ve connected with you in some way has made the last month truly incredible for me. I’ve got a Within The Frame-related giveaway planned for this month and you’re not going to want to miss it – it’s a chance to win something no one else on the planet has, and the moment it gets here I’ll announce it. Keep your eyes peeled (whatever that means.)

I’m a fan of the satirical news station, the Onion. Someone on Twitter alerted us to this and I found it too funny not to pass on. In risu veritas, as they say (ok, as I say.) Find the story HERE.

Apr 28th


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Sharpen the tools

On the Artist – Geek continuum I am closer to artisty-fartsy than I am to techno-nerd. My eyes gloss over when things get too technical. As a result, my weakness where this craft is concerned, is keeping my chops up and learning new skills. I’m big on vision and I talk ad nauseum about it, […]

Apr 10th


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New Sponsor Partner: Pocket Wizard

Every once in a while I announce a new sponsorship partner and each time it’s as exciting for me as it was the first time. The more I meet the leaders within the photography  world the more I like them, the more it all feels like a community not just an industry. I was reminded […]

Mar 30th


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Monday Resource Roundup – Updated

A hodge-podge to start the week. Photoshop World in Boston is over. And I missed it. And friends like RC kept twittering about what a great time they were having. Way to rub it in. Anyways, PSW happens on the west coast in Las Vegas this September October and I’m plannig to be there. Now […]

Mar 3rd


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Think Tank Shape Shifter, Video Review – Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter Bag Reviewed. I can’t tell you how painful this video technology is for me. I did this yesterday and between the chainsaw guys outside my window, my cats getting in the way, and the pain inflicted by iMovie, it’s a wonder I didn’t end up on a rooftop […]

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