Jul 29th


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Thailand. Packing Light. Sort of.


It’s no secret that I wrestle with packing light. I think I’ve done it, then arrive at the airport only to be mocked by whomever I am traveling with. Clearly what it means to travel light is a subjective thing. I usually travel with two carry-on’s – very heavy – and two checked pieces – also max weight. Well this time I decided to really try. It meant not bringing all kinds of “but what if I want it?” items – no flash, no pocket wizard, no reflectors, no Lensbaby, no Pogo printer, no Hyperdrive. I’m bringing one of everything critical instead of the usual two, except my camera bodies. And I think I’ve done it.

The photo at the top is my whole 2 week trip to Thailand. One North Face Base Camp duffle, one Think Tank Shapeshifter, and one Think Tank Speed Racer.

It helps that I’m going during monsoon, so it’ll be hot and wet. Less clothing, no sweaters or bulky items. I threw in a diving mask and snorkel as my one luxury item. Not for the monsoon but for the 3 days in Ko Samet at the end. And I threw in a small trekking umbrella. My bag could drop 5lbs if I weren’t a Type 1 diabetic, but I always bring a mountain of snacks and a small Pelican case with extra insulin, needles, etc. It could all drop another 5lbs easy if I could bring myself to leave the laptop, cables, harddrives at home, but I’m just not that hardcore. ( C’mon Henri, you gotta admit this is pretty good, right? :-) )

I’m actually pretty proud of myself, but it’s nothing more than an experiment. As I’ve said before, clients don’t pay you to travel light but to come home with the shots. Case in point, Joe McNally just drove a fully-loaded Suburban from Phoenix to San Francisco. He’s shooting projects there, among them a story for the Geographic. A fully-loaded Suburban. And I’d be willing to bet half of that is accounted for by a half-ton of SB-900’s and 3olbs of CTO gel. :-)

Speaking of Thailand, one of the highlights will be spending some time with Gavin Gough, and Matt Brandon has just posted another of his excellent Depth of Field interviews, part one of his interview with Gavin went up this morning HERE. Look for part two tomorrow. One day I hope to convince Matt to do one of these with me but I think he has a thing about Canadians. Don’t believe me, listen to the way they keep dropping my name and teasing me. :-)

Jonesin’ for more? I’ve got a short article up on Niches, Grooves, and Ruts at DPS, Digital Photography School, thanks to Darren Rowse for his kind invitation to contribute. Find the link HERE.

Jul 28th


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Tuesday Links

A late start this morning. I usually write my blog posts the day before and yesterday was Sharon’s’s first evening home for over a week so we sat on the couch, had a bottle of wine and watched HOUSE MD re-runs on dvd. Nice way to spend an evening, sorry you weren’t invited. Yesterday’s post […]

Jul 23rd


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A Round Up of Miscellanea

I nearly neglected y’all for two days in a row. Sorry ’bout that. Sharon’s on vacation with friends in Florida and I’m using the time to catch up on creative things I’ve been meaning to get a jump on. So, plenty of distractions. Where does the time go? But I’ve got some tidbits I’ve been […]

Jul 16th


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Sens(or) And Sensibility

Sensor size matters. There, I said it. I’m not referring to megapixels, for the most part I could care less and think we ought to be talking about the size of the pixels not only the number of them. But that’s not what I want to talk about. In an unusually gear-focused post, and I’ll […]

Jul 15th


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Travelling Stuff

I should be recording my podcast right now, but after over a dozen false starts and too many mid-sentence brain-farts, I’ve given up for now, grabbed a bottle of Stella Artois and am moving on to something infinitely easier – writing. And probably a nap. The jet-lag’s still kicking my mind awake in the early […]

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