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I still love my Polaroid Pogo. And yesterday I stumbled across this collection of reviews on the PoGo – thought I’d pass it along in case it serves as a more balanced look at this device. Follow the link to DataBazaar Blog – HERE.

Wednesday Miscellanea.

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I got my new passport today – pretty depressing staring at all those crisp, blank pages. And I got the optional 48 page passport, so there’s twice as much of the crisp and boring. I miss my old one already, it’s been added to the pile. In the middle of digging out from under the pile of logistics that it …

Canon EF 85/1.2L II?

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On the off-chance that anyone out there has one of these babies to sell, I’d love to talk to you. Has to be in excellent condition, and it has to be the Mk.II model. I have held out way too long and it’s time I caved in. For the right price. Drop me a comment with your email if you’ve …

Spot Marks the X

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Ok, lame title, but check THIS out. It’s called SPOT and it’s an international satellite messenger device and service. For assignment shooters in remote locations, this is pretty cool. It’s about $170 and then $100/year for the service, but if you’re doing alot of exploring or if your adventures take you off the beaten track, this’ll cover you butt when …

Polaroid POGO: Video Review

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Ok folks, take two on the video thing. I just got my hands on the new Polaroid Pogo printer. Not surprisingly, I love them. Here’s my review in Quicktime format. I’ve made it much larger, so apologies to those of you without the bandwidth. (Short version: Small portable printer, and I love it.) This one’s bigger. Maybe too big. but …

Blackrapid R-Strap Winners Announced.

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I drove down to Seattle yesterday and spent the day with the Blackrapid team. The folks that bring you the Rapidstrap are awesome. Thanks to Ron, Tyler, Melissa, and Milo for having me. We had a really great time talking and scheming and I’m really excited by some of the ideas that got bounced around. One of those ideas was …

Hypothetically Speaking

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Ok, y’all know me, and I know some of you. I think we’re now close enough that I can ask those really personal questions – like, say, those of you that never wear a photographers vest – why not? For those that have them – what do you hate about them, love about them, or want to see changed about …

Wednesday's Miscellanea.

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The Travel Photographer links to a great article by Vincent Laforet. It’s a lengthy one but for aspiring professionals it’s a must read. The title, The Cloud is Falling, should suggest that Laforet, who I have great respect for, spends the article running amuck and crying “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.” He doesn’t. Not really. But ignore …

Gear Lust: Modbook

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I was just telling a friend that this is the first time in ages there hasn’t been a piece of shiny that I was lusting after. And then Al came over with his shiny new Modbook and I fell hard. Al came over with his Modbook last week and I’m absolutely sold on it. Might need a small bluetooth keyboard …