Jul 9th


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Wednesday's Miscellanea.

newsThe Travel Photographer links to a great article by Vincent Laforet. It’s a lengthy one but for aspiring professionals it’s a must read. The title, The Cloud is Falling, should suggest that Laforet, who I have great respect for, spends the article running amuck and crying “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.” He doesn’t. Not really. But ignore this article and the realities it represents at your own peril. Read The Cloud is Falling HERE.

One of my sponsors, Data Robotics, has just announced a Firewire 800 version of the DROBO – of course I had to find out from RC Concepcion on his Layers Blog. Once of the quirks of sponsorship – they send me stuff but don’t really talk to me. More info on the FW 800 Drobo HERE.

While we’re talking about harddrives, Western Digital makes some of the smallest, cheapest ones out there. I have a couple of the smaller USB Passport drives but the USB keeps me from using them when I travel on assignment. Western Digital now has Passport Studio drives that are USB 2.0 and Firewire 400. They’re bus-powered, small, cheap, and they come in 250 and 320gb sizes. All this means I can carry less drives and all of them are capable of being bootable back-up drives. Here’s the link to the 250 GB drive at B&H. They come with cables, a carry bag, and a 5 year warranty. I’ll be buying a couple of these, replacing my handful of 80gb drives.

Chase Jarvis has a short but encouraging post called My Photography Mistakes #2496 – check it out HERE.

There are some excellent videos of lectures by photographers like Steve McCurry from the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism. I’m watching them as I write. Here’s a link to the Rob Galbraith site which’ll give you a comprehensive set of links.

The current issue of PDN is The Career and Self Promotion issue. Be sure to get a copy if you’re not a subscriber.

Be sure to check in on Scott Kelby’s blog to read today’s guest post by landscape photographer Stephen Johnson.

Thanks for your patience yesterday in the wake of my lack of inspiration. I still feel like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel, but I’ll kick it up a notch tomorrow.

Jul 7th


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Gear Lust: Modbook

I was just telling a friend that this is the first time in ages there hasn’t been a piece of shiny that I was lusting after. And then Al came over with his shiny new Modbook and I fell hard. Al came over with his Modbook last week and I’m absolutely sold on it. Might […]

Jul 4th


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Friday's Resource Roundup

Well folks, time for the weekly roundup. Starting with Deke McClelland’s 100 photoshop tips in 5 minutes video. It’s mostly keyboard shortcuts, so don’t be looking for killer techniques, but it’s pretty funny and you’re bound to learn a few things if you’re good at listening fast. Since we’re talking about Deke, you should check […]

Jul 3rd


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The Best Travel Tripod, Part 2

A while ago I posted a short article about “the best travel tripods.” I knew when I did it that the quest was quixotic at best, but I’ve never shied away from the impossible. I’m reckless that way. The thing is, when people google “what’s the best travel tripod” they’re asking others to find the […]

Jul 1st


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Over-delivering: Jewelbox it!

Being visual professionals it’s crucial that every element of our self-promotion and each piece of our client deliverables look as good as possible. It’s my goal to wow my clients, not just meet their expectations. If you feel the same way then those of you who present digital files to clients probably already do it […]