Jul 7th


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Gear Lust: Modbook


I was just telling a friend that this is the first time in ages there hasn’t been a piece of shiny that I was lusting after. And then Al came over with his shiny new Modbook and I fell hard.

Al came over with his Modbook last week and I’m absolutely sold on it. Might need a small bluetooth keyboard for some of the work before I got used to using Inkwell, but here’s what I love about it:A really solid screen made of Forceglass, Built-in GPS, Built-in tablet, Optional second and third harddrives (in place of an optical drive). I never use my optical drive, but two more harddrives? That would be amazing. Automated bootable backups to a second internal drive? Who couldn’t love that? A GPS? (Drool…)

Truly sexy. It’s about half a pound heavier than the Macbook, and apart from the fact that the warranty is now covered by Axiotron and not Apple, that’s the one downside I see. And the additional cost – they start at $2,300. But for people who do alot of Photoshop and graphics work, or folks who are already Wacom addicts, this is just exceptionally lust-worthy (in a good way.) With Lightroom 2.0 making use of pen tablet functionality, this has become even more appealing to me.

Jul 4th


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Friday's Resource Roundup

Well folks, time for the weekly roundup. Starting with Deke McClelland’s 100 photoshop tips in 5 minutes video. It’s mostly keyboard shortcuts, so don’t be looking for killer techniques, but it’s pretty funny and you’re bound to learn a few things if you’re good at listening fast. Since we’re talking about Deke, you should check […]

Jul 3rd


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The Best Travel Tripod, Part 2

A while ago I posted a short article about “the best travel tripods.” I knew when I did it that the quest was quixotic at best, but I’ve never shied away from the impossible. I’m reckless that way. The thing is, when people google “what’s the best travel tripod” they’re asking others to find the […]

Jul 1st


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Over-delivering: Jewelbox it!

Being visual professionals it’s crucial that every element of our self-promotion and each piece of our client deliverables look as good as possible. It’s my goal to wow my clients, not just meet their expectations. If you feel the same way then those of you who present digital files to clients probably already do it […]

Jun 27th


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Friday Resource Roundup

Sorry I’m late with today’s post; teaching a workshop all day and it just completely slipped my mind. Having said that I’m writing this entirely coffee-free this morning so don’t expect lucidity. Brad Jarvis pointed me to David Tejada’s blog for a post about shooting through a diffusion panel as I mentionned yesterday – link […]