Jul 4th


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Friday's Resource Roundup

resourcesWell folks, time for the weekly roundup. Starting with Deke McClelland’s 100 photoshop tips in 5 minutes video. It’s mostly keyboard shortcuts, so don’t be looking for killer techniques, but it’s pretty funny and you’re bound to learn a few things if you’re good at listening fast.

Since we’re talking about Deke, you should check out You Suck At Photoshop which is rumoured to be done by Deke. There’re several of these videos. As education it works ok – you might learn a thing or two – but as performance art/satire it’s damn funny. And it’s crude and might border on offensive if you’re the type who doesn’t get satire for what it is, or just have more delicate ears than some. You’ve been warned. *Update – Looks like you just can’t trust the rumour mill. Stephen just noted this in the comments:

Donnie (You Suck at Photoshop) is the voice of Troy Hitch – Article HERE.


While we’re on the topic of funny, have you heard of the IYP Photography Contest? You heard it,  the IYP. International Year of the Potato World Photography Contest. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Link HERE. It’s actually pretty serious and the prizes reflect that. But who can resist a jab at something so quirky? In 2004, there was an International Year of Rice contest too – see the winner’s gallery HERE.

Less funny is the introduction of the new Nikon D700 this week, a new SB-900 strobe, and two new PC/shift-tilt lenses. See Scott Kelby’s blog for details and links HERE. It’s getting hard to be Canon fanboy these days. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth investing in both systems. Starting with a D-700, a 24-70/2.8 VR (or whatever the Nikon lens equivalent is), and a few SB-900’s is starting to look pretty fine. Joe McNally is not doing much to help me with this – see his recent blog post HERE.

peterson-shutterspeedI got Peterson’s Understanding Shutter Speed in the mail this week and took some time to read it yesterday. It’s not a big book, so the read was quick. I think as book reviews go there are two questions – did the book do what the author set out to do? and did I get anything out of it? The rest are secondary. I assume the answer to the first is yes; this is not a book with a complicated premise. The second, well, yes and no.

I think that, if new shooters can be persuaded to put down their camera long enough to pick up a book, being reminded of the effects of shutter speed on the aesthetics of an image is a good thing and this book does that. The photos illustrate the book well, though they aren’t generally inspiring. If your local library has it, it’s a rental. Or a nice gift for someone starting out. But if you’ve got one book to buy and read, I can think of meatier ones out of which you’ll glean much more, like Freeman’s The Photographer’s Eye.

Finally, a quote:

All my photographs are about meetings and about coups de foudre – love at first site. To do that type of photography one must wipe the canvas clean to prepare for chance encounters, be open and aware to such moments, otherwise it becomes cliche – already seen and expected.
-Edouart Boubat

Have a great weekend. To my American readers, have a great July 4th. Shoot what you love, love what you shoot.

Jul 3rd


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The Best Travel Tripod, Part 2

A while ago I posted a short article about “the best travel tripods.” I knew when I did it that the quest was quixotic at best, but I’ve never shied away from the impossible. I’m reckless that way. The thing is, when people google “what’s the best travel tripod” they’re asking others to find the […]

Jul 1st


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Over-delivering: Jewelbox it!

Being visual professionals it’s crucial that every element of our self-promotion and each piece of our client deliverables look as good as possible. It’s my goal to wow my clients, not just meet their expectations. If you feel the same way then those of you who present digital files to clients probably already do it […]

Jun 27th


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Friday Resource Roundup

Sorry I’m late with today’s post; teaching a workshop all day and it just completely slipped my mind. Having said that I’m writing this entirely coffee-free this morning so don’t expect lucidity. Brad Jarvis pointed me to David Tejada’s blog for a post about shooting through a diffusion panel as I mentionned yesterday – link […]

Jun 26th


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Great Gear: Lastolite Skylite

For all the talk about fancy gear, there are few pieces in my kit that I like more, and rely on more than a simple large diffuser. For learners looking to take their portraits up a notch – it’s hard to beat a good diffuser/reflector panel. A diffuser softens the light and removes harsh shadows. […]