Apr 19th


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the roundup

A few little things today. I’ll keep it short, detaily, and sweet.

Scott Kelby’s new book, The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book, is now shipping. Kelby is a prolific man – he’s at the helm of way too many things and is poised to take over the Photoshop world. He’s also, and this is my point, an excellent educator. The man knows how to cut through the fog, get to the point, and make you laugh while doing it. My copy is taking way too long to get here, but when it does I will giggle like a schoolgirl, read through it with one hand on my mouse and one eye on Lightroom, and then I will write a review. By all accounts it’s an excellent book. Scott’s blog is here: Photoshop Insider

Gitzo sent me my new tripod this week -  it’s the obscurely named GT2540EX and aside from it initially seeming like the most over-engineered tripod those clever eurpoeans have ever managed to crank out  – it’s pretty darn cool. It’s carbon fibre, so it’s light (though I prefer their basalt line), and it has the new G-lock legs, but best of all is the tilting centre column which allows you to position your camera at any conceivable angle. Everything GITZO is engineered well and built like some gorgeous european tank (only without the killing and destruction), this tripod is no exception. All that said, it will remain in my studio and be used exclusively for studio-type shoots. My other Gitzo, the GT1298 (no link on the Gitzo site for this one) is a basalt tripod and it’s small and easy to use and far more user-friendly for travel. Quick up, quick down, light, small – all the things travelers want and none of the bells and whistles studio shooters clamour after.

NAPP’s new magazine DARKROOM is out and shipped with this month’s PHOTOSHOP USER magazine. I just sat down with a cup of coffee and did a read-through. It’s a freebie, an add-on to the already value-ladened NAPP membership, so it can be forgiven for being a little thin. Content is excellent and if you’re not already a NAPP member, and you spend any time at all in Photoshop and/or Lightroom, you should be. Go here:

Lastly, if you are a professional photographer, and you shoot with Canon gear, you need to look into Canon’s CPS program. Canon Professional Service gives you priority service if/when your camera or lens needs it, it gives you special pricing on 1-series bodies, the top two Speedlights, and L lenses, and I believe it gives you access to Canon rental stock. Each country seems to differ in what it offers and in what it requires to join. It’s free, but you need to jump through some hoops in order to prove that you’re a working professional. I just upgraded a lens and saved over $200 on the 24-70/2.8L – which isn’t bad for a membership that cost me nothing. CPS isn’t well advertised or well documented, but you can get the basics in your respective country by doing a google search.

Mar 11th


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Hyperdrive Updated: HD Space

It looks like Hyperdrive has updated its product line. I have been using a Hyperdrive HD80 ever since David Honl turned me onto them and since my Epson P4000 seemed good for little more than showing people a few images here and there (don’t get me started on my disappointment with Epson’s P4000). I love […]

Feb 23rd


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New Partner: GITZO

I’m just about to leave on my current assignment; in 36 hours I will be in Quito, Ecuador. Between now and then I have a layover at LAX and then a short one in Miami. I’m pleased to announce, before I leave, that GITZO has agreed to sponsor me and include me in their Local […]

Feb 20th


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Lexar Announces New Products

This morning I got wind of Lexar’s latest offerings. Rob Galbraith has an article about the details HERE but here’s the basics on the new products. The Professional 300x CompactFlash Line - While the jump in speed won’t be something your camera can take advantage of it will be dramatically noticeable as you upload from […]