Mar 11th


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Hyperdrive Updated: HD Space

It looks like Hyperdrive has updated its product line. I have been using a Hyperdrive HD80 ever since David Honl turned me onto them and since my Epson P4000 seemed good for little more than showing people a few images here and there (don’t get me started on my disappointment with Epson’s P4000).

I love my HD80 and it looks like they no longer offer it, that the SPACE is a replacement, not an addition.

I’ve been planning to get a second Hyperdrive in anticipation of the
Vietnam trip next year. (One man (ok, I might go with a friend, but
he’ll be his own one man, and I will be mine – I’m trying to do a deep
voice-over here….), one bag of Lexar high-capacity cards, one
hyperdrive, and no laptop…coming soon to DVDEEEEEEEEE.) So it looks
like it’s a SPACE for me and not the HD80 I know and love. I’m not good
with change. Somebody hold me.

The changes as best as I can tell: support for a mind-numbing variety of cards (not a feature I need, but I suspose there are people out there who need this…), a new battery with longer life but which is proprietary (a AA adaptor is available, unlike the aforementionned Epson thing-a-ma-bob), thinner profile, faster download times, and larger available capacities. I might be missing some of the geekier improvements. Like the HD80, you can buy this in several capacities (up to 160gb), and on its own with no drive for you DIY nuts. (I did this with my HD80 and it was really simple. Pop drive in, format drive, all so simple a monkey like me can do it, and I loathe complex geek stuff.)

I can say this – the Hyperdrive HD80 I have now is simple, easy to
use (once you get over how complicated it seems on first glance), and
totally dependable. And it runs in AA batteries and not the $70 Epson
proprietary batteries that come with the P4000 (grumble, grumble). The
downside is no peeking at your pics because it has no LCD screen – like
the Epson’s gorgeous display (grumble…)

Link: Hyperdrive SPACE

Feb 23rd


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New Partner: GITZO

I’m just about to leave on my current assignment; in 36 hours I will be in Quito, Ecuador. Between now and then I have a layover at LAX and then a short one in Miami. I’m pleased to announce, before I leave, that GITZO has agreed to sponsor me and include me in their Local […]

Feb 20th


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Lexar Announces New Products

This morning I got wind of Lexar’s latest offerings. Rob Galbraith has an article about the details HERE but here’s the basics on the new products. The Professional 300x CompactFlash Line - While the jump in speed won’t be something your camera can take advantage of it will be dramatically noticeable as you upload from […]

Feb 19th


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The Wait is Over.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ships today. If you get in on it within the next month or so there’s an introductory pricing that will save you $100USD. You have three choices on purchase – you can download it, have the discs sent to you, or download it AND have backup discs sent. If you opt for […]

Feb 17th


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Display Profiling and Calibration: Eye-One Display2

I finally got around to getting a hardware-based calibration tool. I’ve been using the calibration tools in Apple’s OSX knowing I needed to get a hardware based solution at some point. After looking through a barrage of mind-numbing articles about ICC and colour management and related mumbo-jumo I was about ready just to sacrifice a […]