Jan 28th


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a betrayal of aesthetics


i caved in. i am a weak man. and now i am wearing these ugly things on my feet.

i almost got a pair for my last trip to Africa. i didn’t, and i regretted it. i almost got a pair for the recent trip to India. i didn’t. But my travel partner did. And I regretted it all the more. Folks, these are some of the ugliest things i have ever seen, let alone put on my feet. BUT they’re light and easy to pack, easy to slide on the feet, and after a long day of walking and shooting and sweaty feet – these rock.

camera stores should carry them. until then, find’em here – – or wherever they sell ugly footwear.

Dec 10th


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Review – Leica D-Lux3 – Updated

I just spent the weekend on the road – 4 days away on business and I took a point and shoot camera this time. My carry-everywhere camera is a Leica D-Lux 3 and this was the first chance I’ve had time to really shoot with it and offer an opinion on it. First Impressions. Like […]

Oct 2nd


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Epson Comes Through

An update on my Epson P4000 unit that would not charge. Epson has been remarkably cooperative and Fedexed out a new (refurbished) unit to me. They insisted on placing a hold on my credit card, which always unnerves me, but I suppose that’s what you get if you want them to send you the unit […]

Oct 2nd


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David Honl – Gear Wraps

Every photographer I know struggles to carry their gear and to protect it in the lightest, simplest way possible. Travel, especially air travel in the age of terrorism, adds more variables. One product I’ve stumbled across is David Honl’s Pro Wraps. David Honl is a photojournalist based in Istanbul, his assignments take him to the […]