Oct 2nd


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David Honl – Gear Wraps

Every photographer I know struggles to carry their gear and to protect it in the lightest, simplest way possible. Travel, especially air travel in the age of terrorism, adds more variables. One product I’ve stumbled across is David Honl’s Pro Wraps. David Honl is a photojournalist based in Istanbul, his assignments take him to the hardcore places (he lists his helmet and body armour on his gear page, folks). David has created gear wraps for the real world.

Similar to the other gear wraps out there, these are soft fleece squares of fabric closed with velcro. But Honl’s wraps have a rugged cordura exterior, customizable (and switchable) tags to identify the gear, and they come in three sizes – small (12inX12in), medium (16×16) and large (20×20).

If you’re looking for a way to protect a second body, a portable harddrive, or a lens without the bulk of cases, wraps might be the solution for you. If you want the SUV version (and by that I mean the rugged Land Cruisers of Africa, not the soccer-mom status mobiles of suburbia) then look no further than David Honl’s Pro Wraps