Sep 23rd


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On Gear, Continued

As the Africa assignment gets closer I am tying up my final gear needs. For you gear-heads, here’s the latest.

1. The Epson p4000 seems to be malfunctioning – I can’t get it to charge and am now gearing up to argue and fuss with Epson. I suspect there is no chance of my getting this resolved before I travel, though I am willing to be surprised. In the mean time I have placed an order for the Hyperdrive I mentionned recently.

2. I picked up the last lens in my stable for a long time. Without question the Canon 135/2.0L is one of the finest – if not the finest – lens Canon makes. The colours this lens reproduces, the sharpness and speed of it are without equal in the Canon line-up. (With the exception of the two /1.2 lenses, perhaps.) This is the kind of lens that shines on a full-frame sensor and for the kind of environmental portraiture I do it’s perfect. And it allows me to leave the 70-200/2.8 at home.

3. LowePro shipped me a Specialist 85AW bag and it arrived this week. It’s as good as a bag like this gets. Easily will hold a couple bodies and three lenses along with a portable HDD and enough cf cards to choke a horse (whatever that means). I have yet to meet the one perfect bag – I don’t think it exists, but this one comes close for a medium-sized working bag that is accesible and allows me to use it as a modular belt system as well.

4. Leica just announced the M8. Oh Lord why must You tempt me!!? (At $5500 for the body alone it is the same  kind of temptation that Charlize Theron is to me. In other words: not a chance. Still…)

5. There’s a chance I will have to fly through Heathrow on the way to Africa. The possibility alone makes me shake and twitch. Heathrow maintains an unreasonable carry-on luggage restriction which limits flyers to a bag the size of a briefcase. The threat of having to put my gear or laptop into the hold is enough to make me tear my garments and run screaming into the dark night. Just thought you should know.