Jun 17th


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Giving Away an Artist’s Print of Twilight I, Tahoe.

A mock-up of the Twilight I, Tahoe, prints to be released within the next month.

Trolling through my own archives I see that two years ago today as Within The Frame was just about to come out I gave away the cover photograph from Within The Frame on beautiful 16×20 APC gallery wrap canvas. So I’d like to do something like that again. In the next month I’m going to be releasing the first of a very small series of  limited edition prints. In order to do that I’ve had a few test prints made and the final one is gorgeous.  But the thing is, I’ve really got no use for the print. I have no walls. The closest thing I have to my own home is a Land Rover Defender, Jessie. Very little wall space in Jessie.

So, leave a simple comment, and in an unspecified number of days I’ll close the comments, randomly draw a name and then sign this print as an un-numbered artist’s print, and mail it to you. The print is 16×22 printed with archival quality on heavy 20×26 watercolour stock.It’s gorgeous. You’ll be able to buy one of one hundred of these prints, but there will be only one of these. It’s the first time I’ve printed and put my work out there for a while, and you as a community have been so profoundly supportive since my accident. Thank you. But if I keep falling off walls, now is the time to get in on my printed work. :-)

Leave a comment and just make sure I have your email address and name in there so I can notify the winner and get a mailing address. Thanks again for your support, encouragement, and patience – during this time. I’m grateful.


Jan 14th


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LIVEBOOKS Winner and 20% Discount

What a week. I’m shocked at how much time the coming adventures are taking. I’ve now got some loose plans in terms of where I will be and when, and I’ll get more details out in due time, perhaps once Jessie’s had her mods done and the roof tent installed. I’ve also got a Think […]

Jan 6th


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When, earlier this year, I started looking for a new way to present my online work, Livebooks really hooked me. When I bit the bullet I was really impressed with their service and the quality of people there. I won’t do a sales job on Livebooks, because I think we all want different things. But, […]

Oct 27th


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New eBook – Close To Home

The latest in the Craft & Vision eBook line-up is now out. Close To Home, Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Backyard, is a 37-page book about the challenges of finding the extraordinary in what we’ve come to see as mundane. We touched on this recently in Kathmandu while I was struggling to find my […]

Oct 26th


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New Galleries Coming

It’s been a long time coming but I’m almost ready to roll out changes on my portfolio. Many additions, tonnes of edits, and new groupings. This has been way too long overdue but I’m thrilled with how it’s come together, in large part due to Livebooks. These will be accessible on the blog through the […]

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