Jun 17th


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June Giveaway: APC & WTF


I got a nice surprise yesterday afternoon from Lew at APC (Artistic Photo Canvas). The Fed Ex guy came with a huge box containing two 20×30 canvases made from the Tunisian image that graces the cover of Within The Frame. That wasn’t the surprise. The surprise was how gorgeous the canvases were. I keep meaning to get a bunch of canvases made, just to see what they look like, and I keep not getting around to it. Lew made it easy and as a thanks to my readers for the support you’ve shown me for Within The Frame, and as a welcome to new readers that arrived here after reading the book, I’m giving away one of these canvases. It’ll be signed, and shipped to you straight from me.

So what do you have to do to get your name in the hat for this one-of-a-kind canvas? Two simple things. First, go check out APC’s website at – then come back here and leave a comment that contains your name and your email in the email field. Every time I do this some wiseguy forgets to leave an email address. I have neither the time nor the inclination to send smoke signals or carrier pigeons to let you know you’ve won. But I want to give stuff away, so make it easy for me. Also, while the draw is random, it wouldn’t hurt to remind me of a reason why I should pick you. Will it help your chances any? Not a bit, but you’ll amuse me and you can’t put a price on that.

Finally – this is open to people from all corners of the globe. BUT if you’re outside Canada and the USA and you want this you’ll have to commit to splitting the shipping costs with me. I’ll pay half, but after seeing how much it costs to send a book to you international types, a canvas ain’t gonna be cheap.

Draw closes on or around July 01, depending on when I end up leaving for Ethiopia.

Why APC? They’re passionate and focused, and I like passion, vision and the kind of customer care that you don’t get much these days. They create exceptional stuff and serve their clients with abandon. My relationship with them is young but I’m hooked. Sure, they’re a long way away from me, but the canvases came in perfect condition by Fed Ex and their prices meet or beat most others while providing true giclee quality. I’ll post more about my relationship with APC as it develops, but I’m already pretty sure I’ll have them do some of, if not all,  the images for my next exhibit.

Jun 1st


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Tuesday Roundup

Yesterday was a long day shooting in the sun, my brain’s barely up to more than a roundup of some things I’ve been intending to mention. First, last week I was down in Tampa with my friends at Kelby Media to flog the book (see the bald guy smiling suspiciously in image above). At some […]

May 7th


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Within The Frame Thursday

A few book-related things this morning. Keep reading, there’s free stuff. Or potential free stuff. First, the book is shipping! Several readers have emailed me saying they just got notice their pre-order was now shipping from Amazon. Folks that ordered direct from Peachpit are getting similar notices. So while May 11 is the official release, […]

Mar 20th


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Portfolio Stuff.

When I launched this month’s main giveaway I was pretty hard on Flickr. I said some cruel things. Feelings got hurt. And then I felt bad, joined Flickr to put my money where my mouth was, and guess what? Still hate it. But it has its uses. I’m not sure how people can do it, […]

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