Feb 25th


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Hot Shoes Hot Off Press; Yours For Free.


Joe McNally has been slaving away on his recent book. It’s now done and only weeks away from being released. I share the same publisher as luminaries like Joe, Vincent Versace, and Scott Kelby. How I got past the selection committee for this club I have no idea, but if I keep my head down and not make too much noise I’m hoping they’ll never discover the error of their ways. I digress. Joe’s book is coming and the fine folks at Peachpit Press are giving away three copies of The Hotshoe Diaries, Big Light From Small Flashes.

All you have to do to get in on the action is leave a comment with your name, your email in the email field, and give me your word that you’ll download the PDF  sample material of the book (you can do that by clicking HERE, which will download the PDF). Joe knows his stuff and whether you use off-camera strobes  a lot or only a little, you will learn much about the quality of light that will only benefit you, even if you’re one of those natural-light-only purist types.

Following 2 months after the release of The Hotshoe Diaries will be Within The Frame, a book that has the dubious distinctions of both being abbreviated as WTF, and being written by me. So when WTF comes out, we’ll do another giveaway. Or maybe I’ll lean on Joe and let him do the honours on his blog :-)

Ok, free Joe books. Who’s in?

As always, this is a randomn draw. I’ll pick 3 names on or near the official release of the book, email you for your address, and ship these when they arrive here from the publishers.

Feb 5th


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Lensbaby Composer Giveaway

We’re having so much fun with this whole “give stuff to my readers” thing that we’re doing it again. And by “we” I mean my sponsors because it’s their generosity that’s behind this. All I do is beg them on your behalf. Lensbaby has been chomping at the bit to do this with me but […]

Jan 20th


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Acratech GV2 Ballhead Winner Announced

Hello from Kathmandu! I’m pleased to announce the winner of this last month’s giveaway. Regular commenter Dave T will have a brand new Acratech GV2 sent his way just as soon as we get the shipping details. It’s always a risk reviewing or recommending gear when you haven’t used it for an extended period but […]

Dec 26th


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Acratech GV2 Ballhead: Review & Giveaway

Rounding out what has been a short, but entirely gear-focused, week, I’ve finally got around to putting down some thoughts about the Acratech GV2 ballhead. I need to state right up front that I don’t use a tripod as much as dedicated landscape shooters. It just doesn’t suit my style of shooting or my style […]

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