Grovelling Apologies

Apr 28th


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Somehow I knew Scott Kelby would find my lame comment about his humour in my last post. And now my crimes of dissent are known far and wide because he’s posted about it in his own blog (one which, btw, you should drop in on frequently) HERE

And so in a last ditch attempt to salvage any future friendship, I replied, and clarified my position. Of course, I think all this is in good humour and I hope I’ve not offended the man. I like him alot and he’s a remarkable teacher and photographer, and yes, his writing is funny. Anyways, aside from writing "I will not diss Scott Kelby" on the blackboard 100 times, which I will do shortly, I thought I should atone for my crimes here, to you. Or at least make them known.

Darn internet, just can’t keep a secret.

My wife and I are in Seattle this weekend, I had a meeting with a prospective client and now we’re sitting in Zietgiest, a great coffee shop in the Pioneer Square area. We’re staying on a sailboat for the weekend – cheaper digs than the local hotels or B&Bs and alot more fun. So – if you read my ill-advised rant about Kelby (see how these things gain momentum and become larger than life?)-  and are heading to our place in Vancouver to  slash our tires or put a letter bomb through the front mail slot, you should know (a) I stand by my comment about Kelby’s "Rocking The Houseki" gag, (b) we don’t have a car, and (c) we aren’t there right now and for maximum effect you should plan this for sometime around 7pm Monday.

All joking aside, I stand by my recommendation of Kelby’s Lightroom book, and for that matter anything he’s written. His humour runs sparingly throughout his books and is never a distraction. Just thought I should clarify. I got to know Kelby’s writting and excellent written humour, while he was still editing MacDesign. Over the years he’s been my primary teacher from afar on most things Photoshop and I’m both sorry to have been less careful in my wording – I was sincere but indiscreet – and grateful for Scott’s kind reply and his kind words about my photography.

Honestly, to have Scott Kelby call my photography "wonderful" is like hearing Babe Ruth say you play a good game of baseball. Or, uh, to have Baryshnikov say you do a mean pirouette, or uh, hmmm. Thanks, Scott.