Jun 9th


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VENICE, A Monograph – The Print & The Process.

I know I get excited easily, but I’m more jazzed about today’s ebook release than I’ve been for a while. We’ve started a new series called The Print & The Process and I can’t wait to get it out to you. Which is good because today we’re releasing VENICE, A Monograph, the first in this series. What excites me most is that it steps out of the pattern of the other ebooks we’ve released and does the same thing in a different way. We’re all about combining solid photographic teaching with inspiration and this new series does just that, but it does it a little differently.

VENICE, A Monograph, was shot over 5 rainy days in Venice this past May. A rare chance for me to shoot something much more personal than my usual work, this project allowed me to explore themes of loneliness and solitude and create a small body of work purely for the purpose of discovery and self-expression.

The first 30 pages are the photographs, displayed simply without text or distraction, allowing them to stand on their own. Those are then followed by a discussion of the how and why of my process, and notes about each image, including all relevant EXIF data. Sure, I talk about gear and technique, but those are only the way in which the images were created and one of the things we don’t often explore in photographic education is our intent. This discusses that as well.

VENICE, A Monograph is a 47 page ebook in a downloadable PDF format and is laid out in landscape format to make viewing as good on the iPad as it is on desktop and laptop computers.

As always, the Craft & Vision eBooks are only $5. Looking for a deal? Buy VENICE before June 12, 2010 (11:59pm) with coupon code VENICE4 and get it for $4. Buy 5 or more titles using code VENICE20 and get them all for 20% off. If you love them, please spread that sweet lovin’ and tell the world. As long as you spread the love we’ll keep the prices ridiculously low.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @CraftAndVision – Our social media ninja, Sabrina Henry, gives you great educational and inspirational links every day. High on inspiration, low-ish on shameless self-promotion.

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Back Home & Long Overdue

This is one of those long “cram as much into one post as possible” posts. The last month’s been sparse around here with all my travel, so now’s my time to play catch-up. ITALY WITHIN THE FRAME The iWTF trips were amazing and as Jeffrey Chapman and I get ready for next year’s offerings I’m […]

May 6th


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It’s Only a Moment, but…

I think one of the things I love most about photography is that it often elevates the mundane. When you stop a moment, and preserve it forever, and take the care to frame it, light it, and chose one moment over another, you effectively tell the world – or anyone who cares enough to look […]

Feb 22nd


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Postcard From Senegal

I photographed this man in Senegal earlier this month during some much needed time off. The encounter was so typical of much of my travels. You meet someone, drawn by their smile, their character, and with permission you raise the camera. And then it vanishes. For one reason or another that authentic thing that drew […]

Feb 14th


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Kenya Images Posted

I’ve been sitting on these for a while, wondering what to do with them and finally got off my butt and decided to put them into a slideshow. It could be a while before they make it into my portfolio as I’m still figuring out a complete re-build, so here’s a glimpse at what I […]

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