Increase The Inputs

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Running dry? Looking for inspiration? Here’s a simple solution: increase the inputs. Watch something inspiring or educational. Read something you wouldn’t otherwise read. Attend a workshop. Go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and pick up a photography book by someone you’ve never heard of who shoots in a style you’d never shoot. Here’s some suggestions: Western Canadians who haven’t …

The Frame

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“To quote out of context is the essence of the photographer’s craft. His central problem is a simple one: what shall he include, what shall he reject? The line of decision between in and out is the picture’s edge. While the draughtsman starts with the middle of the sheet, the photographer starts with the frame. The photograph’s edge defines context. …

On the right track.

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This one’s not very newsy, sorry. Totally uninspired, I wracked my brain for something to give you, feverishly surfed the web, and in the end decided it was a toss-up between not posting at all, posting a few rubbishy little details about coming products, or giving you something to chew on related to your craft. Chewing won out, so here’s …

Inspiration: PixChannel

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So you’ve started rehab and you’re recovering from your addiction to HOW and need a shot of WHY? Looking to stand on the shoulders of giants this weekend? Check out which features a collection of video interviews with legendary photographers.

Gavin's Giants

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Travel Photographer Gavin Gough and I are switch hitting today. We’ve chosen a topic – Inspiration: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – and are exchanging blogs for today. You can read my take on this subject on Gavin’s blog HERE. But before you head off there, take some time to read Gavin’s take on the subject. Standing on the …

Inspired 2.0

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It looks like Inspiration is the theme o’ the day out there in the blogosphere. If you got through all the links in my last post and are hungry for more, check out the links HERE on Matt Brandon’s blog (the post titled Inspiration Overload) and the links on Matt Kloskowski’s blog HERE. Go find your muse.


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My friend Gavin Gough and I are planning to do some guest blogging on each other’s sites. One of the ideas we’ve had revolves around influences, another around inspiration. I’ll save my thunder for those articles, but in the mean time because I’m bone-dry on inspiration or news-worthy stuff for the blog (I know, the irony is thick…) here’s a …

NEED Magazine, New Baggage Rules, New Lighting Book…

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Aspiring humanitarian photographers will want to look into NEED – The Humanitarian Magazine. This is a first class magazine with excellent photography and a strong focus. It’s not filled with ads, just great stories and great images and a really elegant layout. If you’re looking for inspiration, this is it. Subscriptions start around $30 depending on where you live. There’s …