Dec 1st


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Bruce Percy


It’s not often I look at a landscape photographer’s work and am possessed by an immediate desire to see all of it, travel with him, learn from him, but yesterday I watched a podcast by Bruce Percy on his travels in Patagonia and I’ve been able to think of nothing else. He does a workshop in Patagonia that dovetails with a workshop on Easter Island and I’m trying desperately to put it out of my mind, to no avail.

This is going to sound strange, but I don’t look at a great many portfolios by other photographers. I discovered long ago that, far from inspiring me, it often makes it harder for me to be creative about my own work. If I see work I love, I’m saddled with the burden of trying not to copy it. If I see work I do not like, I’m saddled with the equally unpleasant task of keeping my mouth shut. Hey, I’m not proud of it. Anyways, after seeing the podcast on Patagonia I literally had to, was compelled to, sit and look through Bruce’s work. It’s breathtaking, inspiring, luminous, and – dammit! – it makes me green with envy over some of the places he’s captured so beautifully.

If you have time today – hey, this is a short post, go now – spend some time on Bruce Percy’s site. Be sure to watch one of his podcasts too, he’s got one of those fantastic exotic accents we Canadians desperately wish we had.

Oct 25th


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Mitchell Kanashkevich Joins The Blogosphere

I got an email today from a photographer I deeply respect – Mitchell Kanashkevich is an uber-talented photographer with vision in spades – and he’s joining the blog world. I’m excited to get a window into his images and thinking; his work is so good I know his blog will be a treat. You can […]

Oct 8th


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I’ve spent the last 2 mornings at what has quickly become my favourite place in Kathmandu. Where it is doesn’t matter, and truth be known I’m not sure it’s the kind of place that would benefit by being over-run with photographers. In broad strokes it’s a place where people go to spend their last days. […]

Aug 21st


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Pointing Clearly and Powerfully.

I’m giving you another well-deserved break from my rants – not all of which, it seems, have been appreciated by others. I was accused, of all things, this week, of exhibiting sour grapes towards the very people for whom I freely labour by writing this blog. My rant about gear being paramount to vision rubbed […]

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