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Mar 9th


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Redding, CA

Jessie in the Redwoods. Photo: Dave Delnea.

After days of non-stop rain we’ve left the coast seeking shelter and hoping that the Sierras give us a couple days without the rain. Snow would be fine, but I’m done with rain for now. We’re now in Redding, CA after a night in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Before we got to the Redwoods, which to be honest we blew through with only a stop for Dave to shoot Jessie and for me to fiddle with fuses and fix the windshield wipers, we stopped for lunch in Oregon, had another bowl of spectacular clam chowder and a great micro-brew and some time with the wildlife at a cheesy little diner/marina/bait store.

Today we’re off to Lassen Volcanic National Park with high hopes of finally dragging the cameras out in weather that we can actually photograph in. But with or without a single frame, this journey is a blast!

Mar 7th


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Bandon, Oregon

We woke this morning to rain again, the shadows of the water beading on the outside of the tent was the first thing I saw. We bundled up and left without coffee,  stopping in Bandon, OR, this afternoon to fill up on fish tacos, clam chowder, and a local porter at Tony’s Crab Shack for […]

Mar 6th


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Newport, Oregon

We spent the day yesterday at Pacific City, Oregon, parked on the beach behind the Pelican Brewery. The Pelican has amazing west-coast microbrew, and some of the best clam chowder and mahi-mahi tacos I’ve ever had. We sat and took in the few, wandered up the dunes to scout for the evening, and generally dried […]

Mar 2nd


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Tofino Heading South

Jessie and I on the pier at Tofino just before the skies opened up again and brought winds up to 140kmph. Photo by Al Smith It’s 7pm on Wednesday, March 02 and I’m on a ferry heading back to Vancouver. The last few days took Jessie and I, and my friend Al Smith, to Tofino. […]

Mar 1st


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The view from Jessie’s rooftop tent at 7:30am this morning. I was still in my sleeping bag. This is my first morning on the road. I woke in Tofino, cold and frosty, but to the sound of the roaring surf and ravens calling. I woke feeling deliriously happy, a little unable to believe that this […]

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