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Feb 27th


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March Desktop Wallpapers

March is coming and with it some big changes. And a new wallpaper. Click the image above or HERE to get the small one, and HERE to get the big one.

I made this photograph on the Masai Mara in late January, part of a one-month sojourn in Africa and time among nomadic tribes in the north before flying home to pack my life into boxes and prepare to begin a nomadic journey myself. It’s now the end of February as I write this. Every stick of furniture has been sold, conveniently, to the woman moving into my old condo. My remaining possessions have been boxed and stored, and my cameras and laptops and other essentials have been put into Pelican cases and packed in the truck. The truck, Jessie (read more about Jessie and our travel plans HERE), has had some issues and it’s been an adventure just getting her ready for this journey. Some of the pieces got done very last minute, some will just have to wait.

Tomorrow morning my buddy Al Smith and I will jump into the Land Rover and head to Tofino for a few days on the far west side of Vancouver Island to get the bugs out of the truck. Then I’ll come back to Vancouver, pick up Dave Delnea and head south towards Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, down the Oregon coast and eventually to San Francisco. At San Francisco Dave will fly home and I’ll just keep going.

Keep an eye on the blog, and on Twitter – that’s where you’ll find me, and when I pull into a town with time to spare I’ll let you know where you can find us and share a coffee or a meal.

Ok, big deep breath. Here we go.

Feb 18th


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An Update on Jessie

Almost 3 months ago I started talking about the plans that Jessie and I had. You can read the full story HERE. Hard to believe it’s almost time to cast off the bowline and set the sails, but on February 26 I give the condo keys back to the landlady, spend two last days in […]

Jan 14th


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Jessie – An Update

Roadside with Dr. House and an ailing Jessie Today was meant to be a road-trip to Seattle to check in with Best Buy and REI and grab something amazing for lunch at Pike Place. And ya know what, we almost made it there. I had such high hopes. And when I say almost made it […]

Dec 2nd


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Postcard From New Zealand

Hello from New Zealand. The Legendary H and I arrived something like 3 days ago, picked up the camper and hit the road. We’re now camped in a secluded little spot off the road near Huka Falls on the North Island, and by secluded I mean we pulled in last night and there were kiwi […]

Nov 22nd


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Jessie And I

Last week I wrote a post about wringing the most from life, and like most of what I write it comes from stuff I’ve got bouncing around in my own head, wrestling with the angels and all that. I invited you to contribute your own thoughts, and many of you did. I’m still inspired by […]

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