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Oct 31st


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Pogo Printer Giveaway Contest

zink1Ok y’all, I’ve raved until I am blue in the face about how much I love my Pogo printer. But words can only go so far, so in the spirit of generosity I’m giving away a Pogo printer to one lucky reader. Actually, that’s only partly true. I’m giving away the shipping, ZINK, the geniuses behind the Polaroid Pogo, are the ones giving it away. They’re crazy-generous that way. And now my readers are getting in on the lovin’.

My FedEx guy dropped off a box today containing a printer with your name on it. All you have to do is tell me (1) who you are and (2) why you want a Pogo printer. Marks will be given for creativity, but in the end the draw will be random. Can’t have you thinking I’m playing favourites, now can I?

Leave your entry in the comments on this post. PLEASE make sure you give me your email when you leave your comment/entry. I need to ship this before I head to Nairobi on the 14th, so let’s make the deadline for entries NEXT FRIDAY, the 7th of November.

Oct 2nd


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It’s 6:30am in Kathmandu, and one of the first emails I got this am is below. Normally I just delete stuff like this and assume the writer just had a bad day. But as it raises some interesting issues, I thought I’d post it here and let y’all reply to it. If I do it, […]

Sep 9th


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Propaganda is Better, UPDATE

On August 25th I posted a design for a T-shirt I proposed to have printed. I wanted to run them through Cafe Press and see them myself before I offered them up for general consumption and to meet your need for stylish propaganda. I got mine today – in fact, I am wearing a charcoal […]

Aug 28th


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Tell Me How You REALLY feel…

Shot this at a picnic last weekend with the G9. I had to take his toys away for hours before he finally had a meltdown. Just kidding. It was a grab shot, one of those flukes that just turns out expressing the moment. If it works for you it’s a good example of emotion trumping […]

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