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Jul 31st


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Blackrapid R-Strap Winners Announced.

rstraplogoI drove down to Seattle yesterday and spent the day with the Blackrapid team. The folks that bring you the Rapidstrap are awesome. Thanks to Ron, Tyler, Melissa, and Milo for having me. We had a really great time talking and scheming and I’m really excited by some of the ideas that got bounced around. One of those ideas was my demand request for an R-Strap that’s pared down and able to be integrated into the other R-Straps for shooters like me who use two bodies. And while I can’t make any promises, and I swore a secret oath not to reveal too much, I can say that good things are in the works. Maybe. Keep watching this blog and the Blackrapid site – you never know what might turn up – just don’t hold your breath (seriously, don’t hold your breath).

In the meantime – two things:

First, the Blackstrap YouTube Video Challenge – and a chance to win $500. Check it out HERE.

Second, the winners of the Pixelated Image/R-Strap Giveaway. I took all the names and submitted them to a complicated logarithm-thingy and…ok, I promised my cat some catnip and she picked four names and they are as follows…drum roll please…

Still not hearing the drum roll…ah forget it.

OK, the following four lucky readers will be getting an R-Strap. If your name is on the list, please email me with a mailing address and I’ll have them in the mail asap. Congrats to…

1. Jay Stott

2. Marymuses

3. Doug Little

4. Stephen at FocusedOnLight.com

The rest of you, get working on your YouTube video – c’mon, it’s $500! Think of how many R-Straps that would buy! Thanks to all who participated. Y’all come back now y’hear!?

Jul 30th


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Vancouver Photo Walk

I’m thrilled to be hosting the Vancouver leg of the Worldwide PhotoWalk on Saturday August 23rd. We’ll be starting at 10am in front of Canada Place and walking through historic Gastown, winding up – I hope – at Steamworks to sit, chat, and wind it all down. Participation is limited to 50, so if you […]

Jul 24th


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Hypothetically Speaking

Ok, y’all know me, and I know some of you. I think we’re now close enough that I can ask those really personal questions – like, say, those of you that never wear a photographers vest – why not? For those that have them – what do you hate about them, love about them, or […]

Jul 22nd


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Talking to Myself: An Homage to Scott Kelby

Q: So you’ve seen those weird interviews Scott Kelby does with himself right? Me: Yes. I have. Very disturbing. But strangely impossible not to read, like a literary train wreck waiting to happen. The man clearly has issues. Q: I feel much the same way. Have you ever been tempted to do the same, kind […]

Jun 24th


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Now Available! Un-Suck Filter!

I had to get it out. Won’t happen again. Check back tomorrow for a post about a book that can help reduce your need for the Un-Suck Filter. Folks reading this on an RSS feed will have to click in to see the image. It’s silly and cynical. You’ve been warned.

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