Saturday PhotoWalk in Vancouver

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We had a fantastic time this Saturday evening as 50 photogs descended on Vancouver’s beautiful English Bay. We met at the historic Sylvia hotel in perfect weather and walked the seawall to Third Beach. At Third Beach we had three great models, Anna, Elycia, and Joel ready for the photowalkers, along with a bunch of lighting gear, speedlights, lastolite panels, …

Good Morning

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Hello from sunny Tampa. It’s gorgeous here (and I can see pink flamingos from my window. And they aren’t plastic!) and as I’m heading into another day with Scott Kelby and the gang, I wanted to drop a line and say hi. Yesterday was a blast. I had a lot of hang time with my bud RC and a taping …

Scott Kelby Photowalk

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The second annual photowalk has been announced for July 18 and I’m leading it again here in Vancouver this year. For more information, go to the official site HERE,or straight to the Vancouver page HERE. When I posted this there were only 15 spots left, so act fast. Already signed up? Here’s your chance to put in your suggestion for …

More Funny Business.

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Last Friday’s post on what photographers can learn from comedians has become – in one week! – the most popular post on this blog. Something struck a chord, I guess. Or it was the green suit. Possibly both. So here’s a couple more, picking up the thread where I left off, to bring us to 10. 8. Timing is everything. …

You Can't Afford Bad Photography

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Found this very amusing. The “You Can’t Afford Bad Photography” line is fantastic. Remember all that talk about selling benefits, not features? (See THIS post) Anyways, this ad nails it. And it’s funny. And probably true, though I suspect the logic is off a little. 🙂 This is almost enough to persuade me to join the PPABC.

Post Vision-Week Report

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This is me being pretentious on the River Nile. In fact I think just telling you it’s the River Nile is itself pretentious. But I talk about being pretentious in the post below, so wanted to give you a visual aid. I applied a pretentious duo-tone as well, just to really drive the point home. I have to tell you, …

Vancouver Gathering Tomorrow, Sat. March 14th

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If you’ve not yet RSVP’d, this is your last chance. Leave me a comment or drop me an email and I’ll get you the address. The Vancouver PixelatedImage Blog Gathering is tomorrow (man I need a shorter name for these things), March 14th between 2pm and 5pm – just a time to meet, hang out, and connect. It will be …

Dude, Where's My (Smart) Car?

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Vancouver is under many, many, inches of snow. Other cities can deal with it, but we get a couple inches of snow and (1) our snowfall removal budget is blown in 5 minutes, and (2) people freak out and either park their cars (smart) or go driving (stupid). We’ve had 3-days straight of snow and cars are getting tough to …