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Jul 28th


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Lightroom 2 has been released!

lr2Ok y’all – Lightroom 2 has been released. Many of you assume that my sponsorship with Adobe means I get the inside scoop on things like this. I don’t. I wait with the rest of you. And hold my breath. And beg the gods to be merciful and intervene. And today it’s out.

The Abobe site has posted their Lightroom 2.0 page HERE. And NAPP, as always, has a learning centre up already – The Lightroom 2 Learning Center is HERE.

Matt Kloskowski, the man behind the curtain at Lightroom Killer Tips has a great list of links and resources relevant to Lr2. Check it out HERE.

As they say elsewhere in cyberculture: whoot! Once I get my own copy I’ll let you know how it’s impacted my workflow, but I can already tell you I am excited about features like the brush capabilities, the post-crop vignette, and the graduated filter. Small things I once took images into Photoshop for, now I can do more of this in Lightroom itself.

Apr 28th


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Monday Headlines, etc.

Moose Blogs A Piece of Paper Sometimes ya just shoot nothing good, but that’s part of the process. Read this, from Moose Peterson’s blog. Chase Jarvis Renounces Light Meters Chase has a good post on forsaking the old hand-held light meter. Here’s the wisdom: But one thing is for sure: don’t ever confuse all the […]

Apr 2nd


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Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Beta Released

With Apple Aperture 2.0 released last month, you just knew Adobe was going to tip their hat on a new release of Lightroom. Yesterday, Adobe released the beta version of Lightroom 2.0. Lightroom users, a rabid bunch at the best of times, will be very excited by the changes introduced in this version. I’ll list […]

Mar 24th


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SlideShowPro For Lightroom

I’m a fan of Lightroom’s ability to put great-looking galleries out to the web quickly and elegantly. Greg Kendall-Ball just alerted me to SlideShowPro, which has versions for Flash and for Lightroom, as well as having SlideShowPro Director which is installed on your server and acts as an online content manager. This is just a […]

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