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Aug 20th


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Lightroom Clarity

Since Lightroom introduced us to the Clarity slider I’ve been a big fan. When used well it can subtly affect the mood of an image. In the 2.0 release you can now REMOVE clarity, and the result is a little like the effect gained in PS when you duplicate a layer, set its blend mode to Multiply, then add some gaussian blur. You’ll discover your own uses – but here’s the smart-ass tutorial:

1. Select image and open in Develop module
2. Slide Clarity slider to RIGHT and watch contrast between midtones pop. Ooooh
3. Slide Clarity slider to LEFT and watch contrast between midtones smooth into blurry goodness. Aaaah

Illustrations of aforementioned technique:





Thanks to Matt Klowskowski for showing this on his Lightroom Killer Tips blog – I had no idea you could do this. Even cooler? You can now use the brush to apply this technique, or its reverse, selectively. Oh, LR2.0 how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

From Darkroom To Lightroom (via Photoshop)

I wrote this more as a confession than anything else. Like a meditation. If you’re allergic to the stream-of-consciousness, touchy-feely stuff, move along. There is nothing for you here and you’re likely to break into a rash. The rest of you might resonate with this. Or not… I used to love the darkroom. The actual, […]

Aug 4th


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Shoot For The Edit

While in Kona recently I sat in on a lecture by Ron Londen, a talented photographer/designer/writer/editor – a man with more talent than one person should have. Anyways it was nice to listen to the thoughts of someone who is on the receiving end of images for a living. If there’s one thing I loathe […]

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