Sep 28th


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Home In Kathmandu


I got into Kathmandu yesterday afternoon to torrential rains, the dying fury of the monsoon, and a bandh. Arriving back in Bhouda was like coming home, though we were greated with an immediate power outage and a long walk down puddled streets in the dark to get dinner at what last year was the Cafe New Orleans and is now just called Flavors. Walking through the streets, monks backlit by the occasional passing car or motorcycle, candles lighting the shop stalls, and all the while the scent of incense and rain – I love it here. Feels like coming home.

As I write this I am posting images from a series I did while in Ladakh. I’ll be posting more over the week but this one is how I felt about the place. It includes images from Leh, Tingmoscam, Chemray, Wanla, and spots in between. The treatment reflects the very earthy colour palette of the place – an impossible range of browns – and suggests the relationship I saw everwhere between people and the earth, even their faith-life was earthy, not divided into compartments as it so often is in the west.  Ladakh is progressing, and while that brings good changes, it also brings lamentable ones, not the least of which is their loss of culture and the creeping sameness of the west. All the same, it feels ancient, stuck in time.  Check out the series HERE on my portfolio site – follow the gallery link to Ladakh.

Sep 10th


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Wisdom From Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis’ blog is in on my list of weekly reads and yesterday he posted some really sage wisdom. I got my best photography job, in part, because another photographer was so arrogant no one wanted to work with him. I assured the advertizing executive that is now my favourite client that my images might […]

Sep 5th


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Friday's Resource Roundup: Now With 50% less RANT!

Hey folks, thanks for being patient with my rant yesterday. Canon did little to help, but my local drug camera dealer – Leo’s Camera’s in Vancouver – went above and beyond, getting me a new 85/1.2L lens that is not only perfect, but here in time for me to not stew about whether I will […]

Sep 3rd


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Oh, and one more thing…

A week ago I wrote a post for Scott Kelby’s blog. You can read it all HERE. While there are so many things I could add to it, there’s one I left out, so this is the bonus. 6. Be An Assistant Assisting another photographer is not only a great deal of fun, it’s a […]

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