Sep 3rd


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Oh, and one more thing…


A week ago I wrote a post for Scott Kelby’s blog. You can read it all HERE. While there are so many things I could add to it, there’s one I left out, so this is the bonus.

6. Be An Assistant

Assisting another photographer is not only a great deal of fun, it’s a chance to learn technique and vision from a photographer with more experience and a different skill set than you. For the last two weeks I’ve been putting on my location assistant hat and working with my friend Kevin Clark on a print campaign for a high-end fitness studio in Vancouver. I don’t shoot this kind of stuff. Ever. I photograph children in Africa, or Yaks in Mongolia. Ferrari’s in Vancouver? No idea what to do with that. But Kevin does and working with him allows me to learn new skills, all of them transferable. It also, and this is key, gives me a chance to do some exciting creative collaboration and learn a little more about this whole craft.

The moment you put on your big-man hat and are too good to assist another photographer, you’re depriving yourself of the chance to learn, to branch out and learn transferable skills.

The shot above is a composite of a number of images taken over several hours and transformed by Robert Marks, Kevin’s brilliant studio manager and photoshop guru. I just mostly carried gear and took mental notes, and every time I’m out schlepping gear I learn something new about lights, or process, or vision. Or I get sore. But I also get to play, and to contribute my own vision and thoughts. I love it. It’s hard work, but a great deal of fun.

If you can find someone to assist, and you have the time, do it.

Check out Kevin’s exceptional work HERE, and his food photography HERE. And his blog HERE.

Aug 21st


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Pointing Clearly and Powerfully.

I’m giving you another well-deserved break from my rants – not all of which, it seems, have been appreciated by others. I was accused, of all things, this week, of exhibiting sour grapes towards the very people for whom I freely labour by writing this blog. My rant about gear being paramount to vision rubbed […]

Aug 19th


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Heading To Ladakh

Sure, change is good, but it’s usually a hell of alot of work, and stress as well. Matt Brandon and I are gearing up for our Lumen Dei Workshop and Tour in Kashmir, India. Two weeks ago the relative recent stability of Srinagar blew up in a maelstrom of protests, rock-throwing, grenades, curfews, and people […]

Aug 15th


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Friday's Resource Roundup

The UPS guy came 8 times this week. I’m worn out with all the gear. So this week’s resource round-up is gear-free. If it wasn’t, and I was ok with showing you THIS, then I’d also be ok showing you THIS. If you ever wanted to see how a photographer packs for the Olympics, these […]

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