Aug 21st


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Pointing Clearly and Powerfully.


I’m giving you another well-deserved break from my rants – not all of which, it seems, have been appreciated by others. I was accused, of all things, this week, of exhibiting sour grapes towards the very people for whom I freely labour by writing this blog.

My rant about gear being paramount to vision rubbed some the wrong way. Alas, the internet is a tough place to express an opinion, unless you clarify everything and put italicized caveats on every thought, you’re bound to be read out of the current context by someone. If I’ve been sour to to anyone out there, let me know and I’ll happily apologize. But if you think gear is a substitute for vision or having something to say, we’ll just have to happily disagree.

To be great, art must point at something. To be a good artist, one must have something to point at. The better your craft, the more clearly and powerful your pointing can be. Gear only makes it a little easier, a little faster. The hardest work is creative, getting what’s inside, out.

In an effort to give you all a break from my soapbox, and point you in the direction of another one – here’s an inspiring lecture by David Griffin of National Geographic on the power of the photograph. Follow THIS LINK to the TED page to watch it. Thanks to my friend Wes for pointing it out.

Aug 19th


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Heading To Ladakh

Sure, change is good, but it’s usually a hell of alot of work, and stress as well. Matt Brandon and I are gearing up for our Lumen Dei Workshop and Tour in Kashmir, India. Two weeks ago the relative recent stability of Srinagar blew up in a maelstrom of protests, rock-throwing, grenades, curfews, and people […]

Aug 15th


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Friday's Resource Roundup

The UPS guy came 8 times this week. I’m worn out with all the gear. So this week’s resource round-up is gear-free. If it wasn’t, and I was ok with showing you THIS, then I’d also be ok showing you THIS. If you ever wanted to see how a photographer packs for the Olympics, these […]

Aug 11th


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Monday Links.

Chase Jarvis posted a quick video last week – Photo Shoot in 180 Seconds. It’s worth a look if for no other reason than to see the thinking that goes into a shoot, and to be reminded that it all comes down to one thing – making the client happy and getting the shot. Ok, […]

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