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This is my silhouette, in Italy, cunningly disguised as someone shooting video on a DSLR. Photo credit: Jens Stachowitz.

Video has become the next big thing in photography. Weird, huh? While I’ve ranted about the convergence of still and moving pictures before, it’s not because I don’t love where this is all taking us as creatives. I just get bent out of shape when everyone out there is already wrestling with their craft and suddenly the camera manufacturers and industry leaders put the pressure on to learn video. Video capability in today’s DSLRs is amazing, and some people will grab this by the horns and tell some amazing stories.  And some people, myself included, will have cameras with beautiful video capability and never learn how to record a single frame of video. Video is a separate language entirely and it means an investment in time and money to learn how to shoot, edit, sweeten audio, etc. If you thought still photography was expensive…

Still, there’s no denying the movement is here to stay, and mostly for the good, I think. This generation of visual storytellers has an unprecedented amount of tools at their disposal. To that end, I want to point you to one of those resources and share with you the next release in the Craft & Vision library, which will release at the end of the month.

First, Think Tank Photo has just released The Multimedia DSLR Buyer’s Guide and it’s packed with really solid recommendations to help you navigate through the forest of new gear you’ll need to understand. It’s been put together to support the marketing on their line of multimedia bags, which are an amazing piece of gear in themselves for video and multimedia people, but it’s a really helpful resource. And it’s free. You can find that HERE on the Think Tank Photo site.

Second, at the end of the month Craft & Vision will be releasing Trevor Meier’s Vision In Motion, an eBook written by a guy who is both a professional stills photographer and film-maker. It discusses the core issues of motion storytelling and for anyone who is wanting to begin dabbling with the video capabilities on their DSLR, it’s a great primer. It won’t teach you how to use your camera, but it’ll open your eyes to the issues involved in moving from stills to motion and help you get your footing as you learn to use your camera to begin speaking this entirely different visual language. Together with some of the great online resources out there you should be able to wrap your mind around some of these issues and begin filling harddrive after harddrive of footage. You Tube is already getting a restraining order knowing that if one more cat video is uploaded it will simultaneously crash their servers and cause a tear in the fabric of the universe. So please, for the love of Soderburgh, learn to do this well. :-) Vision In Motion will be out end of the month and we’ll let you know when. As always, it’ll be $5. Or less.

And next month? We unveil a whole new Craft&Vision website, all the Craft&Vision books as apps on the app store, and a couple more books to inspire and educate. The new site allows reviews to be posted and we’ll be asking for your help with that, and putting an iPad on the line. Stay tuned!

Mar 15th


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Monday Roundup

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Dec 22nd


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Dec 10th


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Dec 7th


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Join Me This Evening

This evening my publishers – Peachpit – are hosting a video conversation with me at 5pm PST. The disussion begins with me addressing some issues related to VisionMongers, then the bulk of the conversation becomes just that – a conversation. You can ask questions which will be moderated and fed to me, and we’ll have […]

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