Nov 27th


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End of Week Round-up


I shot this in northern Bangladesh, earlier this year while on assignment. We’re now in between two great holiday seasons that focus on gratitude and giving. You don’t come here for preaching, but you know it’s going to happen once in a while. Please consider giving to organizations, like World Vision, Invisible Children, or others that work closer to home. Let’s make this year the year we stop with the token gifts and landfill-bound trinkets.

In my haste to get on the soapbox yesterday I completely neglected to wish my American readers a happy Thanksgiving. Being Canadian means we get Thanksgiving, in some measure, twice. Of all the holidays I think I could tolerate doing more than once a year, Thanksgiving is at the top. Daily would also be fine. So while we Canucks had our day way back in October and now have nothing to do until Christmas, y’all to the south are gorging yourself as I write this. In the spirit of the holiday, for which many turkeys have died – I’m deeply grateful for so much, not the least of which is you – my readers, fans, tweeps, and friends.

If y’aren’t already sick of my yapping, there are two solid interviews online that are now available for your listening pleasure.

First, my buddy Matt Brandon did an interview with me while we were in Ladakh. That interview is available HERE, along with others like Bob Krist, Nevada Wier, and Gavin Gough, on the Peachpit TV site. Matt’s interview skills are exceptional and I think the conversational tone of this interview probably makes it more fun than insightful, but that might just be me. :-) Matt’s Depth of Field series is growing and he approaches his guests with some real insight – all his interviews are highly recommended.

The second interview is on episode #117 of TWiP (This Week in Photography) and it’s more focused on the release of VisionMongers and the issues I discuss in the book. Frederick’s becoming a good friend and he too is a fun interview, so take some time and listen to that episode, available HERE on iTunes.  Just look for Episode #117. Or, perhaps the easiest way, just got follow this link directly to the interview on Frederick’s site.

Reviews on blogs,, and Twitter, for VisionMongers are beginning to pop up everywhere. Looks like the book is finally hitting the far side of the planet, which will be good news for folks from Europe and Asia who’ve been waiting. Thanks for the great comments and the glowing reviews. Keep them coming. Knowing what resonates with you makes it easier for me to keep teaching in ways that that work best for you. And it doesn’t hurt book sales, either, so thanks!

Finally, the winter holidays are nearly on us and if your tradition involves giving gifts, then there are plenty of Gift Guides out there to help you out. I’ll probably post one too, though it’ll more than likely encourage you to give the give of education rather than gear, and I’ll point you to a couple organizations where you can spend your money on something for people much less fortunate. Many of you have asked what the easiest way to give my $5 ebooks as gifts and I’m working on that too. I’ll include a discount too, just to share the love. Keep your eyes peeled.

Have a great weekend.

Flickroom, Lumen Dei 2010, & Other Stuff.

First, today is the official release day for VisionMongers. I got my copy on Friday and it looks great. Kudos to the fine folks at Peachpit who make my stuff look like a million bucks. Because when it leaves my harddrives it looks like a chaotic pile of words and disorganized images. Am I excited? […]

Nov 13th


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A Grab Bag

Hey look, it’s an “E”! Speaking of E… This week I launched the fourth in the my eBook series. Chasing The Look is now available. Still for $5. More information HERE. Canon Blogger did an interview with me last week and it’s now live. The audio is a bit low, so you might need to […]

Nov 9th


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Get A Life.

There’s this great story about William Shatner ( aka Capt Kirk aka the guy) at a Star Trek convention. Clearly a bit put off by his fans he yelled at them to “Get a life!” Ok, not much of a story, more like a cautionary tale about biting the hand that feeds you, but […]

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