Oct 14th


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I had the distinct pleasure of spending a couple days with Dave Taggart recently. Dave flew up to spend a couple days with me working on his craft and getting out a few bugs before he joins us on the Kenya tour in January. In the lead up to our time together I spent some time looking at his work and the image above – called Ready To Fly – was one that jumped out at me, and then lodged itself in my brain.

Ready To Fly is a moving example of Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moment.” It’s also a great example of juxtaposition, and an image that has a deeper theme. It’s got humour, too, but as the romans once said – In Risu Veritas – or, In Laughter Truth – there’s something true being said in this moment. It reminds me of lines from a Bruce Cockburn song;

And as I’m walking this prison-camp world
I long for a glimpse of the new life unfurled,
The chrysalis cracking and moistened wings uncurled
like in the vision John saw.

Isn’t it all what we hope for? That the decline of age is bringing us to the cocoon and not only the grave?

It’s also a great example of pulling any element from the frame that doesn’t add to the image – in this case pulling the vibrant colours to let the gesture and symbol take the stage. Thanks to Dave Taggart for letting me share this image. You can see more of his work HERE.

Oct 12th


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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

It’s Monday. We’re still eating Turkey up here. I don’t have pictures of turkey, so you get two pigeons instead. Sorry. Times are tight. Tomorrow I’ll discuss the images I showed in the slideshow I posted on Friday, today I’m busy being thankful. But I’ve got suggestions for you if you’re bored: 1. Go back […]

Oct 1st


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R-eluctantly Posted

When I was in Seattle several weeks ago I spent an evening with the good folks at Blackrapid, makers of the R-strap. They plied me with local beer, sat me down on the couch and made me play twenty-questions. This is that interview, in 5 parts. You won’t be able to hear the questions really […]

Sep 30th


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Many of you know how much I love working in, and with, the photographic community. Several months ago the fine folks at Artistic Photo Canvas connected with me about being featured in their new I USE APC ads, and after coercing my buddy Dave Delnea to come to Vancouver’s Chinatown one evening to shoot some […]

Sep 29th


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So, Here We Are.

I’ve been home from India for a whole day now, and leave for Vegas tomorrow morning. Can’t imagine a more bizarre cultural shift than going from peaceful Ladakh to the Las Vegas strip. So, this one’s a hodge-podge of stuff to accompany the release of the October Wallpaper (see post below). Ladakh was, at it […]

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