Oct 12th


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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving


It’s Monday. We’re still eating Turkey up here. I don’t have pictures of turkey, so you get two pigeons instead. Sorry. Times are tight. :-)

Tomorrow I’ll discuss the images I showed in the slideshow I posted on Friday, today I’m busy being thankful. But I’ve got suggestions for you if you’re bored:

1. Go back up your hard-drives. Don’t have a decent back-up solution? Make sure you enter the Drobo Giveway by leaving a comment on last Wednesday’s post HERE.

2. Go read a good book. Don’t have one? Try one of the books recommended in this post or the comments that follow it.

3. Calibrate your monitor. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

4. Get your hands on one, or both of my eBooks- TEN and TEN MORE – available in the Pixelated Image Bookstore HERE. – Heck, if you use the coupon code: TURKEY you can get them for 50% off until my turkey has digested – and I’m giving that to the end of tomorrow (October 13) It’s practically a TWO-FER-ONE! :-)

5. Here’s the crazy one. I put it in here just for fun. Go make some photographs. I know, crazy right? :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

Oct 1st


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R-eluctantly Posted

When I was in Seattle several weeks ago I spent an evening with the good folks at Blackrapid, makers of the R-strap. They plied me with local beer, sat me down on the couch and made me play twenty-questions. This is that interview, in 5 parts. You won’t be able to hear the questions really […]

Sep 30th


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Many of you know how much I love working in, and with, the photographic community. Several months ago the fine folks at Artistic Photo Canvas connected with me about being featured in their new I USE APC ads, and after coercing my buddy Dave Delnea to come to Vancouver’s Chinatown one evening to shoot some […]

Sep 29th


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So, Here We Are.

I’ve been home from India for a whole day now, and leave for Vegas tomorrow morning. Can’t imagine a more bizarre cultural shift than going from peaceful Ladakh to the Las Vegas strip. So, this one’s a hodge-podge of stuff to accompany the release of the October Wallpaper (see post below). Ladakh was, at it […]

Sep 10th


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Seeing The Light

I’m a voracious reader, it’s one of the ways I learn best, and eBooks seem to be a great bridge between the information found online for free and the $40 price-tag of a print book. There’s a place for all of those. A month or two I directed you to Mitchell Kanashkevitch’s ebook about post-processing. […]

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