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Sep 25th


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A Late Postcard From Ladakh


Well, we landed in Delhi about 2 hours ago and now that we’re settled in day rooms at the hotel I can send the postcard from Ladakh that I’ve been meaning to send. I shot this at sunset in the Nubra Valley. We got spent 2 days in Hunder after driving over the highest motorable road in the world, some of us on Royal Enfield motorcycles. That’s me below on my buddy Russ’ Thunderbird at 18,500ft. It was spectactular!


The trip was so enjoyable. We’re a pretty organic tour and we limit our numbers to 8 participants; as such we operate more like a family and it’s tough to say goodbye. We saw some incredible scenery, spent time in some great monasteries, shot thousands of images, and ate some incredible food.

Special thanks to the participants that joined us, and to Ami Vitale, a lovely, vibrant photographer with no end of talent. Ami is a world class photographer and she was brave (crazy?) enough to throw in her lot with us as a special guest teacher. We had such a great time together. Also, she has a weird thing with jumping.


I’ll be showing more of my images over the coming weeks, including a desktop wallpaper for October, but the bulk of them will get stored in the secret archives and get used for the next book(s). Speaking of books, the next eBook – “TEN MORE” – will get announced in the next 12 hours of so (update: it’s now up and info is HERE).

Off to Frankfurt in 12 hours, then to Calgary, then to Vancouver, then home. Oh man, I can’t wait to get home!

Sep 15th


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Last Postcard From Delhi

9pm, New Delhi. The Lumen Dei team is madly packing right now. We’re on a 4am bus to the airport to get the early flight to Ladakh. We spent our today in Nizamuddin Darga, then to Old Delhi for lunch at El Jawahar near Jamma Masjid, and then a couple hours in the chaos of […]

Jul 31st


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August 2009 Wallpaper

Here’s the August wallpapers in both 2560×1600 and 1280×853, shot in Ladakh on last year’s Lumen Dei tour. I’m posting it now because in just over a month 8 very lucky folks plus Matt Brandon and I, will be traveling to Ladakh with Ami Vitale. I can’t wait. There’s something magical about the land in […]

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