You Can't Afford Bad Photography

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Found this very amusing. The “You Can’t Afford Bad Photography” line is fantastic. Remember all that talk about selling benefits, not features? (See THIS post) Anyways, this ad nails it. And it’s funny. And probably true, though I suspect the logic is off a little. 🙂 This is almost enough to persuade me to join the PPABC.

Playing In Traffic

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A few comments rolled in after yesterday’s post about the Fluid Galleries Giveaway asking about generating traffic to your website. Fluid Galleries or any strictly Flash-based site left without any kind of modifications has some limitations, one of the biggest of which is the difficulty – nay, the impossibility – of it being easily indexed by search engines like Google. …

Happy New Year?

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Well, it’s that time again. In just over two weeks the calendar rolls and it’s 2009. I know, it’s just another day, but for many freelancers it’s the beginning of a new fiscal year, and a new marketing year. And that means it’s time – if you haven’t done it already – for some planning. This is a short post, …

Wisdom From Chase Jarvis

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Chase Jarvis’ blog is in on my list of weekly reads and yesterday he posted some really sage wisdom. I got my best photography job, in part, because another photographer was so arrogant no one wanted to work with him. I assured the advertizing executive that is now my favourite client that my images might not always be in focus, …

Wednesday's Miscellanea.

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The Travel Photographer links to a great article by Vincent Laforet. It’s a lengthy one but for aspiring professionals it’s a must read. The title, The Cloud is Falling, should suggest that Laforet, who I have great respect for, spends the article running amuck and crying “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.” He doesn’t. Not really. But ignore …

Over-delivering: Jewelbox it!

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Being visual professionals it’s crucial that every element of our self-promotion and each piece of our client deliverables look as good as possible. It’s my goal to wow my clients, not just meet their expectations. If you feel the same way then those of you who present digital files to clients probably already do it with some style, something that …