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Feb 19th


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Postcard from Peggy’s Cove, NS

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Since you last heard from me I’ve had a chance to take all the new information in, and figure out my new plan since I can’t – until I can prove I’ve got an “unrelinquished address” – travel through the USA as I had planned. The issue is not that I don’t have a mailing address, or even proof that I have an address; the issue is that I can’t prove, to the satisfaction of the fine folks at the border, that I plan to return to Canada, and since I can, and do, work from anywhere in the world, and have an American girlfriend, they suspect I want to move south of the 49th, which is only partly hysterical to me.  So after some digestion, there’s a new plan.

I’m spending the next week or two in Nova Scotia, photographing and exploring and generally embracing this new adventure. And then I point Emily west and we drive to Vancouver with all haste. If it was spring or summer we’d go more slowly, but I have to tell you I’m not keen on camping for a month across a cold snow-bound, park-closed, Canada. I was planning to move back to Vancouver towards the end of the year, now I’ll do it sooner. And once I’ve got lease-papers and moved in, I’ll head back to the United States of America and do the travel and photography I had planned through the west for most of this year.

Until then I’ve got a spectacular province to explore and if this morning’s breakfast of lobster eggs benedict was any indication, I’ve got some seafood to enjoy too. Thanks to everyone for the “OMG’s” and “WTFs” and other support and offers of help; it makes me even more sure that you’re all the best internet community on the planet.

Gotta run, time to head back to Peggy’s Cove for one last evening of shooting before we head north towards Cape Breton tomorrow morning. Talk soon!

Vision Is Better, Volume 2

Over a year ago I released Vision Is Better, essentially an eBook version of this blog, and it’s become one of the best-selling titles under the Craft & Vision umbrella, which I think is (a) awesome and (b) amusing. I’m not quiet about the fact that Vision Is Better, and now Vision Is Better, Volume […]