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Sep 5th


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Introducing The Craft & Vision Community

Two years ago I wrote and published my first eBook. One book turned into two, two became four, and soon there were other authors and this thing we called Craft & Vision. We’ve now got 30 eBooks in our library and while I’m still kind of shaking my head at the whole thing, and we’re celebrating two great years, we’re not sitting still. The times? They are a changing.

Today we’re announcing the launch of the Craft & Vision Community, a subscription-based membership to a year of great photographic education and inspiration.

One of our big questions has been: How can we add even more value to what we do? The first thing we realized is that C&V is not about eBooks. It’s about educating and inspiring. eBooks are just the way we’ve done that until now. And we’ll keep doing it that way; we don’t want anyone’s current experience to change just because we’ve added this. So if all you want to do is keep buying exceptional eBooks for $5 each, you can keep doing that. But we think we can do more. We think we can be engaged on a deeper level. The Craft & Vision Community was created for just that.


The first thing we wanted to add was a monthly podcast. If you ever saw my old Within The Frame podcast, you’ll have some sense of what I want to do with this, except it’ll be audio only. It’ll be hosted by the inimitable Matt Brandon, and me, and each month we’ll do a great show that includes an image critique chosen from among images our readers submit, and there will be guest spots with other C&V authors, and discussions about issues relevant to becoming stronger photographers. It will also be refreshingly free of talk about the latest DSLR or tripod composite material. We will not talk about hyperfocal distances, and it’s likely we’ll mis-pronounce the word “bokeh” if we ever use it.  The C&V Podcast is about photography, not camera-collecting or pixel-peeping. This will be a monthly audio podcast and it’ll be accessed exclusively from the blog.


The Craft & Vision BLOG.

The second thing we wanted was a blog, a place for you to get, or listen to, the podcast, fill in the gaps between the eBooks, read articles by Craft & Vision authors, and plumb the depths of issues relevant to anyone that loves this craft. The blog will be the heart of our community, and a place where you can interact with topics and let us know where you’re at, what you’re learning, and what you’d like to learn. Both the podcast and the blog will be available exclusively to members of the community.



We want to give you as much value as we can through this membership. So we put our brains together and here’s what we came up with. In addition to exclusive access to the blog and podcast, which alone is a pretty great benefit, you’ll also get 12 great Craft & Vision Books a year delivered to your inbox automatically. We’ve been working hard to bring you a great line-up, including titles from me. It’s going to be a great year!


You’re automatically entered just by being part of this community, and the first one’s a doozey. If you join in September you’ll have a chance to win a gorgeous Gitzo GT 0531 carbon fibre tripod, worth almost $500 from our friends at B&H Photo in New York.

In addition to all that you’ll have full-time 20% discounts on the full Craft&Vision library, so all books will always be $4/ea, and you’ll get one free eBook of your choice from the library.

We were going to insert some slick copy about how this is a $150 value etc., but you know that from the start we’ve avoided anything slick.  Value’s a tricky thing and only you can tell us what a year of great photography education and inspiration is worth. But we’re hoping you think this is a pretty great value. So, how much? That’s what you want to know right? Access to all this is only USD$99/year, or $10/mo. But if you sign up before the end of the month, you can join for only USD$89.00 for the year, and you’ll get in on the first giveaway – a gorgeous Gitzo carbon fiber tripod. We’d love to have you be a part of this. We remain rabid fans of the amateur because we do this for the love of it too, and we’re committed to making this an inspiring year of photographic education. No gimmicks. No lusting after pricey gear. Just great photographs.

Sep 5th


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Aug 7th


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