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Apr 10th


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New eBook Named, Winner Announced

With huge thanks to all of you, the new eBook has just been titled. Earlier this week I asked you all for ideas about the coming eBook title and man did you show up! Some of the ideas were great, some were just plane loonie and I gotta tell you I’m a little concerned for the mental health of some of you. But if y’all are crazy, it’s crazy in a good way. Mostly. Anyways, I’m grateful, thank you.

In the end we went with VISION IS BETTER and while some folks suggested that the motto of this blog – Gear Is Good, Vision Is Better – it was Kathryn L, from, that isolated the best part of that and suggested VISION IS BETTER. Kathryn, take a bow. We’ll send you a free copy of the book and a $100 gift certificate at B&H Photo. I know you’re Canadian, so if you’d rather have that gift certificate at Henry’s or Vistek, let me know and we can do that instead.

We’re aiming to have the book out and in your hands on Thursday, April 29th. I’ll be in Italy but the elves here will make sure it’s live and the details are posted the same way they always are, and probably with less mistakes than when I do it, so you’re in good hands.

Thanks again for the fun and the help. I love the this community and this is one of those reasons – y’all just don’t hold back. And you tolerate my unrestrained use of the word “y’all” which I’m the first to admit is a little wierd coming from a canuck, but it’s just suck a good word, it would be a shame to waste it.

We’ve got more exciting titles coming and more than ever are commited to providing exceptional photographic education at ridiculous prices. If you’re benefiting from this, and this model, then I’ve two more favours to ask of you. One, if you have a photographer you respect, someone who loves to teach, then let us know. We’re always looking for great authors to add. We don’t need top names, we need great photographers and teachers. The second is easy – just tell the world. This model works because we’ve got a good handful of really solid fans, if there were less of you we’d have to charge more, but the more of you there are, and the more you tell the world, the easier it becomes to keep the prices low and offer more discounts.

OK. My bags are packed. I leave tomorrow. I’ll be checking in where there is internet and giving reports on the trip, as well as encouraging the talented photographers I am with to do the same. If you’re not coming with us, you can follow along and start daydreaming about next year. We’re already setting dates for 2011 and will announce them once Italy Within The Frame 2010 is done and we’ve recovered.

No idea what this is all about? Craft & Vision eBooks aim to provide exceptional photographic education at ridiculous prices. $5 downloadable eBooks. Find’em all HERE.

Apr 7th


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From the Cave

Hey. Well it’s been awhile since y’all got much more than book news and stuff. I’ve been hidding in my cave working on deadlines. I’m not exactly emerging so much as I’m sending out a smoke signal. So grab a cup of tea ’cause as smoke signals go, this one’s random and long. First, thanks […]