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Jul 20th


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New Craft & Vision Site

I’m really – REALLY – excited to announce that the new Craft & Vision website just went up. There will be a tweak here and there in the coming days but it’s live and functional and I think it’s going to make the process of buying and enjoying the Craft & Vision eBooks that much better. What does it mean to you?

A cleaner site with a little more ease of use, as well as a home for comments and reviews – In the past the only way to leave a review has been on my blog. You can now leave your reviews where they belong, and to encourage you to do so we’re giving away an iPad! Whether you read the PDFs or buy the Apps, Craft & Vision eBooks and the Apple iPad go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, so we’re giving one away.

What we’re hoping for are some honest (hopefully honestly enthusiastic :-) ) reviews for the individual books. We aren’t looking for empty praise and we aren’t looking for anyone to pad the site with fluff. If you’ve bought the books, read them and love them, we welcome you to write a short review for the book. If you’ve read’em all, feel free to pick a couple favourites. If you’ve already left those comments on the blog here, feel free to copy and paste them onto the new site. We could do that but it kind of feels like it lacks integrity and would rather leave that up to you. Leave a review and you’ll have a chance to win. Leave a couple reviews, and you’ll have a couple chances to win. Note: This is something we’re doing as a service to future buyers, not to pad our egos, so if we feel you’re just dropping lame comments in order to win, we’ll pull the comments. Be enthusiastic, be honest, and don’t even think about being anonymous if you hope to win the iPad. :-)

You’ll notice a couple other things too. We’ve added a link to buy all the books at once, and there will be a permanent 20% discount for those that do. Makes life easier, especially if you’re an affiliate referring people to the site for the first time. We’ve also added links to buy the iPad apps. Same price, same content, different format. And while we’re talking Apps, there is a free App coming that will function as a one-stop iPad shop for the books – download it once and you’ll be able to access the books easily, get some free wallpapers, and stay up to date on all things Craft & Vision.

When I began Craft & Vision a year ago I had no idea it would become what it has. And we’re only just beginning. It’s been an incredible ride. All along we’ve been grateful for your support and your feedback. Thank you so much. I do this, and now the rest of my team – Corwin, Justin, Sabrina, Susanna – do this, because we share your passion for photography and we believe we can create amazing resources to help you improve your craft without buying gear. And at $5 each they cost less than a Starbucks latte, last longer, and won’t make you gassy and bloated. They’ll also get you into great education resources with less ads, and leave you budget left over for that new piece of gear you’re going to buy anyways. :-)

Thank you so much for being part of this. We’re releasing Eli Reinholdtsen’s book, Chasing Reflections, next week. I’ll be in Iceland at the time but the launch will go ahead as it always does, with discounts, on Thursday the 29th.

In the meantime, leave a review or two on the new Craft & Vision site, each book has a spot for reviews so put’em there. Be sure to leave your name and email. On August 31st we’ll randomly draw from all the reviews and send a 16GB WiFi iPad to one lucky winner. This is open to everyone, so international readers can finally get some loving!

See the new Craft&Vision website at it’s usual address on the internet – Special thanks to Stuart Sipahigil (@digitalstew) and his team at Outside Source Design for working with us on this.