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Oct 9th


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Kelby Saves World

Ok, not really. But he’s just announced his new book – The Photoshop Seven Point System. Already this book is generating talk, all of it bound to sell a few more books. Pivotal in these excited water-cooler talks is the idea that Scott has applied for a patent. How this works based on a teaching system based on a software he doesn’t own, I’m not sure. What it implies for those of us that will want to discuss this method and thereby violate the patent, I’m not sure either. BUT, it will sell some books to those who otherwise wouldn’t buy them. We’re just that curious.

The other group of people that will buy the book, with or without the much-hyped patent, is made up of the people who email me and ask "where do I begin with digitally processing my images?" – and you’ll buy it because I’ll recommend it, and I’ll recommend it because Scott is without equal as a photoshop educator. If you’re just starting out and you don’t already have the other Kelby books I flog like a repentant monk then this one is likely the one that should be on the top of your list. If the allusion to the monk confused you I can suggest a good book on the history of asceticism in Christian traditions. I also have one on mixed metaphors you can borrow. I digress.

I’m excited about this book. In fact, I’m thinking about writing my own – The Lightroom Six Point Program. It’s one less point than Scott’s, so it must be better (cause it’s faster, that’s why), and it uses Lightroom, which is now my favoured Photo-processing program. And it’s a Program, not a System. Patent Pending.

All that to say: Scott Kelby, new book – info on BOOK LINK HERE

Sep 25th


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Scott Kelby on Air Travel

There’s an interesting post and discussion on Scott Kelby’s blog entitled: Air Travel Just Got Worse For Photographers – check it out. Additionally, just published my most recent article in the Lessons Learned on Assignment series – this one is about your first assignment. Unfortunately the initial posting begins my article about half-way through […]