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Apr 28th


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Monday Headlines, etc.

Moose Blogs A Piece of Paper
Sometimes ya just shoot nothing good, but that’s part of the process. Read this, from Moose Peterson’s blog.

Chase Jarvis Renounces Light Meters
Chase has a good post on forsaking the old hand-held light meter. Here’s the wisdom:

But one thing is for sure: don’t ever confuse all the silly little gadgets and the silly little numbers with what it means to simply and eloquently capture a moment, a scene, or the essence of a human emotion – whatever it is that truly inspires you. You’ll be much better off for it, I promise.

Read the whole thing here.

Photo-Guru Says “There is No Un-Suck Filter”
Scott Kelby on his 7-Point System. The question: Is there anything the 7-Point System can’t fix? The answer:

un-suck-filter-buttonAbsolutely. It can’t fix bad photography….The System just won’t make a bad photo good. It’ll make a decent photo better, a good photo great, and a great photo outrageous, but it can’t fix bad composition, an out-of-focus image, or a bad concept. You’re always better off getting it right in the camera. That way, you can spend less time fixing it in Photoshop and more time finishing it in Photoshop….

Did you get that? I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and again – there is no un-suck filter. Seeing Photoshop as a finishing tool, and not a fixing tool, results in better photography. Vincent Versace talks in terms of Photoshop being an emery-board not a jackhammer, and I think that’s a helpful outlook.

Check out Kelby’s 7-Point System For Adobe Photoshop CS3 here

Apr 26th


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News and Stuff (Gratuitous Rants included)

I’m en route from Tampa to Vancouver, briefly stopped in Denver for a coffee and a change of planes. On Friday I spent the day with Scott Kelby, had lunch, did some shooting at the Tarpon sponge docks, did a very quick one-take interview for Photoshop TV, and then went out to dinner at Maggiano’s […]

Apr 17th


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Welcome To The New Blog

Welcome here, folks. It’s like an after-moving pizza party without all the moving of furniture and stuff. This transition took all day and I could never have done it without the kind of help of ET Web Hosting – they have astonishing customer service and did alot of trouble-shooting for me today. Many of my […]

Apr 11th


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Friday Odds and Ends

In the last six months I have had 3 LaCie d2 drives fail on me just after exceeding their 1 Year warranty. This doesn’t make me the happiest camper. But it does make me glad I practice paranoia and the art of redundant backups. 1 TB drives are going for less than $400 now, so […]