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May 27th


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strobistdvdsThe venerable David Hobby, single handedly responsible for keeping sales of Nikon SB-800 flashes and Pocket Wizard remotes well above average, has just released his 8-disc Strobist Lighting Seminar set.

There’s some whining and complaining going on about David’s choice to focus on content over production value, and some about the $139 price tag, but the 200,000 readers of Hobby’s Strobist blog can’t all be wrong – the man has made a niche for himself teaching strong, simple off-camera lighting. If you’re interested in putting yourself through an off-camera lighting bootcamp, this is a phenomenal deal. Read more about it here.

May 23rd


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Increase The Inputs

Running dry? Looking for inspiration? Here’s a simple solution: increase the inputs. Watch something inspiring or educational. Read something you wouldn’t otherwise read. Attend a workshop. Go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and pick up a photography book by someone you’ve never heard of who shoots in a style you’d never shoot. Here’s some […]

May 12th


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Monday's All-About-Me Post

Tune in to this week’s (Episode #133) PhotoshopUser TV, (now airing) to see yours truly making a guest appearance with Scott Kelby. (It used to be PhotoshopTV, now it’s Photoshop USER TV, presumably the change was made to reflect the addictive nature of Photoshop and the dependance-based behavior it induces.) Let me know how it […]

May 7th


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Adobe On-board

No one here should be surprised by my enthusiasm for, or loyalty to, Adobe products. From the day I got my first Mac ( a 15″ titanium PowerBook,) Adobe has been under the hood in one form or another. My digital creative life revolves around Photoshop and Lightroom and I’d be lost without them. It’s […]