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Mar 14th


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Know Your Stuff Workshop: Ft. Erie, Ontario. June 07


Got a digital SLR and wishing you could take it to the next level? Looking at others’ photographs and wishing you could make yours look as good? Wishing you understood the hidden secrets of digital photography that until now required joining a special club and learning a secret handshake?

Join Vancouver-based humanitarian and travel photographer David duChemin for a solid day of honing your digital photography skills. From shooting to processing, we’ll look at the A to Z of digital shooting and workflow. This is a lecture-style workshop and we cover alot of ground, but if you’re a beginner or intermediate amateur with a DSLR and the desire to take your photography to the next level, you’ll get more than your money’s worth on this one.

We’ll begin the day with a demo photo shoot, concentrating on composition, exposure and issues particular to digital SLR photography, then we’ll discuss workflow and postproduction using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Most importantly we’ll address WHY as well as HOW. Plenty of time given for Q&A.

On June 07, I will be bringing the Know Your Stuff / Improve Your Vision Workshop to Fort Erie, Ontario.

For more information drop me a line, or email Erin Wilson

If you live anywhere in the Toronto to Ottawa corridor and would like to discuss hosting a workshop while I am there, drop me a line as well.