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Apr 26th


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News and Stuff (Gratuitous Rants included)

20080425_tampa_097bI’m en route from Tampa to Vancouver, briefly stopped in Denver for a coffee and a change of planes.

On Friday I spent the day with Scott Kelby, had lunch, did some shooting at the Tarpon sponge docks, did a very quick one-take interview for Photoshop TV, and then went out to dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Maggiano’s was spectacular, and I’ll let you know when the Photoshop TV episode airs.

In between all those things there was some scheming and I hope to be able to share those details soon with you. In the mean time, let me say this: you will never meet a nicer group of folks than the gang that runs the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. If you haven’t joined the gang yet, and you spend any amount of time in Photoshop, it’s time to send in your dues and start drinking the kool-aid.

Scott Kelby is truly one of the nicest, kindest men I’ve met and the team he’s assembled is second to none. Scott’s got me convinced to go to Photoshop World in Vegas from September 4-6, 2008 – the line-up of teachers looks spectacular. More information here.

We just had a spot open up on the Lumen-Dei tour in Kashmir, which leaves us now with 2 free spots – if you’re looking for an adventure and a chance to work on your chops in a spectacular environment, now would be a good time to talk us. More info here.

Rumours had me all excited about the possible announcement of the Canon 5D Mk II on April 24, but once again the rumour mill let us down and Canon’s going to keep u waiting a little longer.

vision-is-better-buttonLastly, a word about “my gear is better than your gear” syndrome. While I was at the NAPP intergalactic HQ we were discussing a recent string of comments on Scott’s blog that got a little heated. It all started because Scott made some comments about Lightroom and did not give corresponding comments about Apple’s Aperture. And it all went downhill from there. So. Two unsolicited rants for all of you who might ever, ever, be tempted to go there.

Rant the first.
A blog is generally not an effort in unbiased journalism. It’s personal, and its content is decided by the author. Unless we are paying for content we have no justification for the entitlement that seems to get tossed about. If you don’t get what you hoped for on one blog, go to another, but forgo the complaining.

Rant the second.
My choice of hardware and software in no way implies that your choice is wrong. Something’s gotta give here folks, and any time we spend on the ramparts defending our brand/platform of choice is time we aren’t out working on our craft. If you’re so sure your favourite brand is that much better, then go out and create something so true, beautiful, and creative, that it silences the critics. Until then, go work on your art. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – Gear is Good, Vision is Better. Make a choice, let others make theirs, and then get on with it. A carpenter who loves his tools more than his craft is not an artisan, he’s just a tool-enthusiast. Have a great weekend. Go shoot something you’re passionate about. (Baring that, shoot something colourful, like shells. Or something.)20080425_tampa_067smallweb2

Apr 17th


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Welcome To The New Blog

Welcome here, folks. It’s like an after-moving pizza party without all the moving of furniture and stuff. This transition took all day and I could never have done it without the kind of help of ET Web Hosting – they have astonishing customer service and did alot of trouble-shooting for me today. Many of my […]

Apr 11th


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Friday Odds and Ends

In the last six months I have had 3 LaCie d2 drives fail on me just after exceeding their 1 Year warranty. This doesn’t make me the happiest camper. But it does make me glad I practice paranoia and the art of redundant backups. 1 TB drives are going for less than $400 now, so […]

Apr 8th


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GoodBye to An Old Friend

It’s with mixed feelings that I change my sponsorship today and say good-bye to an old friend. LowePro has faithfully sponsored me from the beginning – my first sponsors, like a first girlfriend, hold a special place in your heart. I still believe that for extreme sports annd adventure, LowePro makes products that are second-to-none. […]