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May 1st


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Vision. Just one more.


Long-time lurker, Anita, dropped a nice comment into Monday’s post. I dropped an email into her inbox. You know, quid pro quo, and all that. Anyways I said something and as my fingers were typing it I realized it was something I needed to say to everyone.

I switched highschools at the end of Grade 12 so I could finish up the equivalent of Ontario’s old Grade 13 thing in one semester instead of a whole year. As a result I wasn’t around to get one of those “Most Likely To…” things in the yearbook. But if I had, it woulda been “Most Likely to Write A Manifesto.” I think every church in Canada oughta be happy I didn’t end up in its pulpit, I’d have preached them to death….

But that’s not what I wanted to send you into the weekend with. All this talk about vision, then caveats and clarifications about my talk about vision. Now an addendum to my clarification. Make it stop! (Wow, 3 paragraphs to get to the point, I do ramble, don’t I?)

This vision stuff is important. But just because you haven’t got a handle on it, find it frustrating, and in general start to wonder why you keep coming back for more, doesn’t mean you don’t have vision. You do. And just because you find it difficult to recognize that vision doesn’t mean you can’t express it. You can. Discovering and expressing your vision is what photography is all about, but vision is bigger than you and I. Unless you intentionally supress it (what kind of sicko are you?), it’ll find a way out. It will. Keep at it, and if this vision stuff gets too much, give it a rest for a couple days. Just go shoot for the love of it. I promise,  it’ll ooze out. Over-thinking this stuff can kill the passion and photography without passion might just be worse than photography without vision. Or they might be the same thing…

Have a great weekend y’all. Go shoot something you love. :-)

Apr 27th


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Vision. An Attempt to Clarify.

I’ve been lurking around the bloggy parts of the internet, listening in on conversations to which I am uninvited but in which my name gets mentioned often alongside the word “vision.” I hear lots of people inspired to chase their vision and express it more clearly. I also hear that some folks are just plain […]

Apr 24th


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How I Got to The Why.

With apologies to the goat for the rather undignified photo, but the little bugger kept jumping out of my hands. This was shot by my buddy Gary while shooting on location with a Maasai family in Kenya. For a while I’ve been meaning to tell my story, so perhaps this Friday is as good a […]

Apr 20th


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Stockpiling the Creative

I’m drawing on an ancient narrative for this one, but stick with me, I’m going somewhere with it. My Jewish friends and family just celebrated Passover, a time of celebration and commemoration of the release of the Jewish nation from slavery in Egypt, thousands of years ago, under the leadership of Moses. God says let […]

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