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Valley of Fire, Nevada

Morning coffee at Valley of Fire S.P. and a chance to look at the maps.

Today marks one month of traveling. We left Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park this morning after two nights there. The Valley of Fire is spectacular and while there are weeks worth of photography to be had, we’re still on a timeline that’s somewhat inflexible. Places like this tend to be overwhelming so I focused on the thing that most struck me – the rocks. The lines and colours of the rocks were amazing, particularly at White Domes where we spent the bulk of our time and might just have camped the first night because the campgrounds were completely filled with R.O.U.S’s (RVs of Un-Necessary Size).

Because a few readers have commented, correctly, that I seem to be in my “blue period” recently, I am posting here some images from my experimental “pink period” just to show I’m no one-trick pony. (I am a one-trick pony but I can perform those tricks in multiple hues.)

All of these were shot with my iPhone with the exception of only one which was made with my Nikon D3s and a 24mm lens. When I get frustrated these days, by lines or a complete inability to frame a photograph, I take out my iPhone and play. The total lack of options is freeing and the small size allows me to play and move about without the weight of a bigger camera. And the files are great. I submit the next deadline on Photographically Speaking next week and I’ve just included a couple of these iPhone images for the book.

Next stop Utah and one night in Zion before moving on to Monument Valley en route to New Mexico.

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