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Jul 21st


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Go Back To Oz

return-to-ozOne of my favourite how-to books is Vincent Versace’s excellent Welcome To Oz, A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography with Photoshop. (For the book go HERE, for the DVD series, look HERE. ) It’s unlike anything else out there and was a real eye-opener for me. If you’re not familiar with it, or with Vincent Versace, I suggest you look into it.

As a follow-up to Welcome to Oz, Vincent’s just released 2 tutorial dvd sets under the title Return to Oz. One is called The Lazarus Effect, the other From Oz to Kansas 2.0. The first deals with recovering lost details, the second with black and white conversions, and while I am still waiting for the postman to bring mine, I’m introducing them to you because I know Vincent’s other work and love it. Vincent is a rare breed, and if you like my teaching I suspect you’ll like his – he talks alot about vision and expression, so these are bound to be infused with much more than just technique. Read the Afterword to Within The Frame to get a sense for the passion Vincent has for this art.

Like I said, I haven’t seen them yet, but they’re coming and I wanted to tell you about them now because by the time I get them the Introductory pricing is likely to be over. If you order before the 27th the pricing is $59.95, and each comes with a bunch of extras, including photoshop actions and Nik plug ins.

For more information on Return to Oz: The Lazarus Effect click HERE. For more information on Return to Oz: From Oz to Kansas 2.0 click HERE.

From Darkroom To Lightroom (via Photoshop)

I wrote this more as a confession than anything else. Like a meditation. If you’re allergic to the stream-of-consciousness, touchy-feely stuff, move along. There is nothing for you here and you’re likely to break into a rash. The rest of you might resonate with this. Or not… I used to love the darkroom. The actual, […]

Apr 28th


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Monday Headlines, etc.

Moose Blogs A Piece of Paper Sometimes ya just shoot nothing good, but that’s part of the process. Read this, from Moose Peterson’s blog. Chase Jarvis Renounces Light Meters Chase has a good post on forsaking the old hand-held light meter. Here’s the wisdom: But one thing is for sure: don’t ever confuse all the […]

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