Jun 11th


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Thursday Resource Roundup


My friend, Mitchell Kanashkevich is an extraordinarily talented photographer, I’m a huge fan of his work. He’s just released an ebook (image above is from the cover) about his post-production methods and it rocks. It’s the real goods. No gimmicks, no fancy plug-ins. It’s somewhere between a book and an extended set of tutorials in length, but the cost on it is $12 which is a paltry sum considering how much you pay for some of the books out there. HIGHLY recommended. Check it out here. Well done, Mitch! More info on the Understanding Post-Processing ebook HERE.

Joe McNally just overhauled his website and blog and the dang thing looks fantastic! His first post is a satirical poke at one of the recent videos Chase Jarvis did, and it’s awesome. Joe has a fantastic sense of humour with a sick New York City twist to it and a dash of Monty Python. Watch that video HERE.

The third of the Within The Frame podcasts is now live and can be watched HERE. The full, and growing list of those podcasts is HERE.

There’s a new installment in my Lessons Learned On Assingment series on, this time lessons learned on the round the world trip I took in January to gather the photo resources for Within The Frame. Find that article HERE on the Lexar site, or HERE in the Articles archive of the Pixelated Image site, which you should probably visit anyways, just so you can look around and return to it on those days when I don’t put in an appearance and you’re jonesin’ for a fix. :-) There are now 20 articles posted there, all of them having appeared on, Photoshop User Magazine, or elsewhere.

The New Media Photographer has a great list of 189 Business-building Ideas For Photographers and it’s worth looking at and allowing it to stir the paint a little. Link HERE.

Looking for something new to show/look at your images?  On first glance, and a couple minutes playing with it, it’s pretty cool – and FAST. Oh my goodness it’s fast! More about CoolIris HERE.

Last call. If you’re in Vancouver and want to come to our little celebration of the new book, now’s the last call. We’ve got a couple spots open. It’s a small informal event with some finger foods and drinks and some of my closest friends (well, the ones that are in town and not busy; it’s a small group!)  It’s this Saturday at 3pm in Vancouver, and it’s free. If you want in speak now, and leave a comment. If there’s still room for you I’ll reply with information. If I don’t reply it means it’s all full.

Hey, do me a favour? If you’re a regular reader and you’re on Twitter – you can find me @pixelatedimage – would you post something like “Hey @pixelatedimage, follow me!” ? I want to follow and connect with people from the blog but I’ve got something like 1800 followers and can’t possibly know who is who. This way I’ll see you, and either follow you if I’m not, or add you to the group on Tweetdeck that I actually look at. Just one more way to stay connected.

Jun 1st


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Tuesday Roundup

Yesterday was a long day shooting in the sun, my brain’s barely up to more than a roundup of some things I’ve been intending to mention. First, last week I was down in Tampa with my friends at Kelby Media to flog the book (see the bald guy smiling suspiciously in image above). At some […]

May 5th


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Resource Roundup

A grab-bag today. May and June are going to be nutty months with the book and book promotions, including  book launch events in Vancouver, New York City, and Seattle. And I’m settling in to feverishly begin work on the next book. There might be a few light days here and there, but I’ll make it […]

Dec 4th


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Big Lights Far Away

If you’re one of the Strobist generation, at some point your lust for power is going to get the better of you, you’ll get curious about larger lights and what they can bring to the aesthetics of an image that your SB800 simply can’t. And when that happens, you’ll remember this post, come back to […]

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