Aug 27th


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My new eBook – "10"


This is my new eBook. It’s called 10. The subtitle “Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear.” just about says it all.

10 is my 32 page answer to everyone that’s ever written in and asked me “So, what can I do to make better photographs now? I have the basics but want to take my images up to the next level. Where do I go from here?”

10 is not a bunch of cheezy tips cranked out to make a few bucks. It’s an effort to move us collectively towards better photography without feeling the need to contribute to the growing pile of Quick Tips to Shoot Like A Pro. Anyone who’s been at this long enough knows that “shooting like a pro” (whatever that means) takes time and effort and anyone that tells you otherwise is selling snake oil.

ten-comp10 is being sold as a downloadable PDF, and I’m offering it at half price as an introductory offer to my blog readers. It ain’t cheap. At a whopping $5 it’s going to deprive a few of you of your latte for the day. :-) But I’m moving the price to $10 in the fall, so this is your chance to get in on it and my chance to say thank you for being so loyal. If you loved Within The Frame, you’ll love this one.

See? 5’ll getcha 10 :-)

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Jul 23rd


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A Round Up of Miscellanea

I nearly neglected y’all for two days in a row. Sorry ’bout that. Sharon’s on vacation with friends in Florida and I’m using the time to catch up on creative things I’ve been meaning to get a jump on. So, plenty of distractions. Where does the time go? But I’ve got some tidbits I’ve been […]

Jun 11th


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Thursday Resource Roundup

My friend, Mitchell Kanashkevich is an extraordinarily talented photographer, I’m a huge fan of his work. He’s just released an ebook (image above is from the cover) about his post-production methods and it rocks. It’s the real goods. No gimmicks, no fancy plug-ins. It’s somewhere between a book and an extended set of tutorials in […]

Jun 1st


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Tuesday Roundup

Yesterday was a long day shooting in the sun, my brain’s barely up to more than a roundup of some things I’ve been intending to mention. First, last week I was down in Tampa with my friends at Kelby Media to flog the book (see the bald guy smiling suspiciously in image above). At some […]

May 5th


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Resource Roundup

A grab-bag today. May and June are going to be nutty months with the book and book promotions, including  book launch events in Vancouver, New York City, and Seattle. And I’m settling in to feverishly begin work on the next book. There might be a few light days here and there, but I’ll make it […]

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