Jun 1st


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Tuesday Roundup


Yesterday was a long day shooting in the sun, my brain’s barely up to more than a roundup of some things I’ve been intending to mention.

First, last week I was down in Tampa with my friends at Kelby Media to flog the book (see the bald guy smiling suspiciously in image above). At some point I’ll pull back the curtain and tell all about the seedy underworld of the publishing industry, but for now go watch Episode 188 of Photoshop User TV and watch me babble about conceptual contrast and Within The Frame. :-)

Secondly, one of my heroes, Steve McCurry, has started blogging and you can stalk him find him HERE.

I’ve been looking for a great new travel vest. Until I have my own design made for me, the Scott eVest Travel Vest is pretty darn close. It’s got some fantastic features including a gigantic pocket in the back that’ll take a 13″MacBook. So next time your carry-on is overweight, load up the eVest and you’re good to go. And unlike doing this with a Domke vest or other photog vest, this is one you’ll actually wear. I got one this week and love it. In fact the entire SeV line of clothes is worth checking out for travelling. It doesn’t clear me of my barely controllable desire for a Gitzo fleece jacket but it’ close :-)

I found this Top 10 list of mistakes to avoid during a photography workshop on Paul Burwell’s site and while I’m pleased to say we’ve never had these problems on our Lumen Dei workshops, it made me chuckle all the same.

Finally, two things book related (but wait, keep reading, there’s FREE STUFF!)

First, be sure to check in on the Peachpit TV WITHIN THE FRAME Podcast. Episode 1 is up and more are following. Episode 2 should be up soon as well. For the next ten weeks I’ll be choosing images from the Flickr Within The Frame pool and doing a critique based on principles discussed in the book. You’ll need to join the group, submit images, and give us your consent to be part of it, but I’d love to see you there.

Second, and finally, Barnes & Nobles is about to kick off a promotion that includes Within The Frame. From June 3 to 30, selected books, including mine, from Peachpit Press, will be 30% off at Barnes & Noble bookstores and will fancy in-store displays and dancing girls also. Or end-of-aisle promo thingies. So I tell you what – I’ll send a Lexar 8GB 300x CF card to one reader, randomly chosen, who posts a photograph of my book, on a B&N promo display, and twitters the photograph, with the city it was shot in, and includes the @pixelatedimage handle in the tweet. Read that through again if it sounds confusing. Why am I doing this? Shameless self promotion would be the obvious motive, getting more of you to join me on Twitter would be a second, and the need to get this meddling CF card off my shelves so I can make room for, I dunno, something else, is also important. Mostly it’s the first one. :-) Free, or potentially free, highspeed Lexar CF card and all ya gotta do is twitter me a pic. Go!

May 5th


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Resource Roundup

A grab-bag today. May and June are going to be nutty months with the book and book promotions, including  book launch events in Vancouver, New York City, and Seattle. And I’m settling in to feverishly begin work on the next book. There might be a few light days here and there, but I’ll make it […]

Dec 4th


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Big Lights Far Away

If you’re one of the Strobist generation, at some point your lust for power is going to get the better of you, you’ll get curious about larger lights and what they can bring to the aesthetics of an image that your SB800 simply can’t. And when that happens, you’ll remember this post, come back to […]

Nov 19th


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Location Scouting: Google Earth

In January I’ll be in several new locations as I fly around the world. The most time I will have in any one place will be 5 days, six nights. In short, I’ll be very pressed for time to shoot the locations I’ll be in. Never been to Hanoi? Where do you start to become […]

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