May 5th


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Resource Roundup

resourcesA grab-bag today. May and June are going to be nutty months with the book and book promotions, including  book launch events in Vancouver, New York City, and Seattle. And I’m settling in to feverishly begin work on the next book. There might be a few light days here and there, but I’ll make it worthwhile. I have a couple great give-aways planned, so if you’re easily bribed I’ll have possible swag for you as a compensation for the lightness of content. :-)

My friend Seshu’s got a great article posted with links to 20 Off-Camera Lighting Gurus and you can find that article HERE on Seshu’s Saffron blog

My buddy Gavin Gough is vagabonding in Nepal, staying with good friends of mine and pointing his lens at some of my favourite subjects in the world. I’m seething with jealousy while he’s posting great stuff from his recent work HERE.

Zach Arias (also my friend, but how many times can you say “My friend…” without sounding like a name-dropping sycophant?) has posted the tenth in his critique series. He and his lovely wife Meg just sit in front of the mic and the monitor and share thoughts and insight into your online portfolio. If you’re looking to hone in on the strengths and weaknesses of your online portfolio presence, you need to sit in on these. Zack knows his stuff and these critiques’ll give you the goods. Find the 10th episode HERE.(Update: 6:30am Pacific Time, this link is right but it looks like Zack’s server is down, give it a couple hours and try again. )

If you’re not checking in with Scott Bourne’s at least once every few days, you should. Good content, and lots of it.

Check in tomorrow for The Big Q and some answers about this month’s desktop wallpaper, including a downloadable PSD file so of the calendar graphic so you can create your own.

Dec 4th


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Big Lights Far Away

If you’re one of the Strobist generation, at some point your lust for power is going to get the better of you, you’ll get curious about larger lights and what they can bring to the aesthetics of an image that your SB800 simply can’t. And when that happens, you’ll remember this post, come back to […]

Nov 19th


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Location Scouting: Google Earth

In January I’ll be in several new locations as I fly around the world. The most time I will have in any one place will be 5 days, six nights. In short, I’ll be very pressed for time to shoot the locations I’ll be in. Never been to Hanoi? Where do you start to become […]

Nov 17th


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Well, sort of. More like FREE LENS! And you only get it for a week. But other than that: FREE LENS! Sorry, I’m a weak man when it comes to hype and gratuitous caps and exclamation marks. has graciously agreed to give my US readers, a chance to win a free lens rental. I’ll […]

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