Nov 6th


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Thursday Resource Round-Up // 499th Post!

resourcesI usually do this on Fridays. That is to say I used to. ‘S been a while.

Gavin Gough posted a guest article over on Matt Brandon’s The Digital Trekker blog, click HERE to read it.

While we’re on the topic, I will be discussing the Illusion of FREE on Matt’s blog tomorrow – it’s a crucial starting point in your thinking if you want to shoot for NGOs for a living and not go bankrupt. Click HERE to head over there.

Rounding out the theme of guest blogging, my friend RC posted a great article on Scott Kelby’s blog this week – check it out HERE.

In other news – it looks like Canon is on target to ship the 5D Mk2 and accessories for end of the month. This is good news for those of us waiting, cause, oh, say, one of our other cameras died.

The POGO Giveaway contest has been pulling alot of traffic to this site, and the comments and emails just confirm for me that ZINK and Polaroid are onto something great. Deadline is tomorrow, the 7th of November, and I will accept comments/entries that are posted up to midnight, Vancouver time (GMT-8). Go to the post and leave a comment to enter (read the rules first) – HERE.

The VISION COLLECTIVE launched this week and I’m thrilled with the attention it’s getting. It’s becoming a nice gathering place for humanitarian and world photographers, along with others. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. We’d love to have you on board and part of the discussions. Learning is an organic process that happens best in relationships when we can draw from the well of others’ experience. Check it out HERE.

This post marks my 499th post. The next one rolls over 500. When I first started this I worried I’d run out of things to say. And then I started making an effort to post daily during the week – it’s amazing I don’t just completely dry up. Anyways, thanks for being with me on the adventure. A writer is nothing without readers, a teacher needs students. Y’all are a huge part of my life, and I’ve met so few of you. We should get together for a week sometime, plan a Pixelated Image get together. Say, Guatemala?

Sep 5th


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Friday's Resource Roundup: Now With 50% less RANT!

Hey folks, thanks for being patient with my rant yesterday. Canon did little to help, but my local drug camera dealer – Leo’s Camera’s in Vancouver – went above and beyond, getting me a new 85/1.2L lens that is not only perfect, but here in time for me to not stew about whether I will […]

Aug 15th


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Friday's Resource Roundup

The UPS guy came 8 times this week. I’m worn out with all the gear. So this week’s resource round-up is gear-free. If it wasn’t, and I was ok with showing you THIS, then I’d also be ok showing you THIS. If you ever wanted to see how a photographer packs for the Olympics, these […]

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