Dec 13th


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Year-End Learning Gift Cards & Discounts

Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand, 2010

Tomorrow morning the Legendary H and I are exploring Doubtful Sound by Kayak for a couple days, so I’ll be off the grid for a bit, figured now’s as good a time as any to do this.

I’ve resisted the urge to fall in line with every other photography blogger on the planet this year and won’t be publishing a list of Hot Gifts or any of the usual stuff. Fact is, it just isn’t me. As a family we’re spending time together, will probably exchange a few books, and put the money other places. There’s some great stuff out there, I’m just not sure I’m the best person to point you to it. I might, at some point, do a list about my favourite bits and pieces of gear, but it won’t be Christmas related. I do want to point you to two resources, both undeniably self-promotional to some degree, so I’ll only do it once then go back to being quiet-ish on the matter.

Craft & Vision $20 Holiday Gift Coupons.
Want to give the favourite photographer in your life the gift of inspiration and education? Need to spend $20 on a Secret Santa gift but can’t bring yourself to buy a knick knack that’ll end up in a landfill site? Craft & Vision eBooks are a great deal (if I don’t say so myself, though I do…) Last year we had a lot of requests for an easier Gift Card. Here’s the easiest we could make it:

Buyers of the $20 Craft & Vision Gift Coupon will be issued one 6-digit code. The buyer can then forward that code to their chosen gift recipient, or write the code in a greeting card, etc. To redeem the gift the recipient visits CRAFT & VISION , adds 4+ PDF ebooks to their shopping cart, then enters their code in the Discount Code section of the shopping cart screen to redeem their Gift Coupon discount.

The gift coupon can be ordered HERE.

NOTE: Gift Coupons cannot retain any unspent value for future use; e.g., if someone redeems a $20 Gift Coupon on a $15 order total, the remaining $5 would be forfeit (this is why they are not call them “Gift Certificates”).

CreativeLive Year End Sale.
In August I spent 3 days in Seattle with the CreativeLive crew and together with the live and world-wide audience attending online we created a 3-day class in Vision-Driven Photography. I talked a lot. Was exhausted when it ended and then ran away to Iceland. I haven’t plugged it much, but like the other CreativeLive classes, it’s really amazing value, even more so when you consider all the classes aired free for everyone several times. Well now you can get them all for an amazing deal – that’s Vincent Laforet, Jasmine Star, Zack Arias, Tamara Lackey, and Jeremy Cowart, and myself – hundreds of hours of instruction, now over 55% off. Killer deal, and for a limited time only. More info, and to order, go HERE.

Aug 26th


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Hello from Maui

iPhone shot of dolphins swimming under the bow of the zodiac. Maui. A quick note to say hello. Kind of feeling guilty for being here and not dropping a line. We’ve been having an amazing time here -yesterday I spent the day in a zodiac off the coast of Lanai, a small island itself just […]

Aug 16th


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Visual Peacemakers

There are two organizations I am particularly excited to be involved with right now – one is Focus For Humanity which is an incredible initiative aimed at providing grants to photographers to partner with NGO’s, the other is the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers, an initiative aimed at breaking down stereotypes and opening dialogue between […]

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