The Italian Incident

May 8th


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The Italian Incident: Update

My new nemesis. Nightly we are engaged in a battle of wills. It’s not a battle I am winning. But I wanted an adventure when I set out this year. I wanted to learn new things and lean into the fear and while my adventure has changed, it hasn’t stopped. Because man, do I fear this damn thing. :-) Zack Arias is currently planning a One Day Workshop on the light modifiers you can make from one bedpan. :-)

I’m sitting upright for the first time in 2 weeks and while this won’t be a long update I thought it was about time I updated you.

The medical evacuation came on Thursday the 28th and by 7am I was being shuttled out of the hospital in Italy and onto my own Leer jet with enough meds to keep me happy and quiet. I had spectacular nurses and they took great care of me. 14+ hours later I was in ER at Ottawa Civic Hospital in the care of family and a medical team that spoke English. Fast forward to May 04, when after swelling had gone down and there was room in the OR schedule for me, they did a marathon 12-hour surgery. I think they spent 8 hours on the right ankle alone. I made a mess of that ankle and there are bone grafts and screws in the right foot and plates and screws in the left.

Surgery went well, though elevated heart rate pointed them to pulmonary embolism, which means I’ll be on blood thinners while i recover. My cracked pelvis will heal on its own with bedrest. My right wrist, inially thought broken, seems only sprained. I’ve no idea how long I’ll be in the Hospital in Ottawa. Eventually I’ll be released to recover at my family home out in the country, and that could be 3 months. Could be less, could be more.

In the mean time Jessie is in Atlanta waiting for me and one day, when I’m strong enough to drive her home, I’ll fly down and bring her back to Ontario which is now my home-base for a while.

Coming home was amazing. The health care here is truly remarkable and anyone who bitches about it hasn’t likely spent time in hospitals and clinics around the world. Even my medical bill in Italy, which will be covered by a good travel medical insurance policy, was only about $3000. I paid more than that for 4 hours in NYC Hospital in Queens and all I got was some Motrin. I’m not commenting on anyone’s system but ours, I’m just grateful beyond words that right now I can heal without though to fighting over bills or losing everything because of one accident.

My medical evacuation was covered by MedJet Assist who were absolute gods to have pulled off what they did for me, with such patience and professionalism, and a shocking lack of red tape or fine print. I will never travel anwhere, ever again, without coverage with them.

I won’t even bother telling you how much work this has been for Corwin, who though an extraordinarily skilled manager is the best friend everyone should be so blessed to have in their corner. Dude is my hero right now.

Lastly, another attempt to express my gratitude to you all. Through this all Corwin and I have had countless emails, tweets and comments expressing concern and support. I’ve honestly never in all my life felt so overwhelmed by attention and kindness. I’m truly humbled and grateful and please don’t fill the comments on this post with more of it because honest to God I feel like I’m going to burst, but thank you. :-) From the bottom of my heart – thank you for being the community that you are.

I’ll keep you updated, and as things settle I’ll slow down with all this talk about bedpans and will pick up the thread on more interesting discussions we were having before I decided to jump off that damn wall. :-)

Again, you have my deepest thanks.

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