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Jun 19th


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Better Perspective: Better Images

perspectiveOne of the pitfalls of photography is that by necessity we are reducing three dimensions into two. The moment the shutter is pressed and the image is created we can no longer walk around the scene and see it from different angles. The moment is frozen but so is the perspective. Once the image is made, the angle from which we view the scene is fixed, so it had better be the best angle for what you are trying to say. (more after the jump. Sorry, you RSSers are gonna have to launch a browser for this – but there’re illustrations, so hurray!)


Jun 18th


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Gavin Gough: Motivation

Gavin Gough and I are trading posts today. You can find my post HERE on Gavin’s blog and his post below. Please extend a warm Pixelated Image welcome to Gavin Gough. Inspiration – A Beginner’s Guide “Photographic technique is no secret and, provided the interest is there, easily assimilated. But inspiration comes from the soul […]

Jun 11th


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Back To The Beginning

When I was in the throes of falling in love with photography, a young man looking for something to be good at, some way to express myself, my mother gave me two great gifts. The first was the Pentax Spotmatic, and not the camera I thought I wanted/needed to begin my illustrious journey in imaging. […]

Jun 1st


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Lexar Article Published

My most recent article, Reconciling The Poet and The Geek: A Means To Achieving Your Vision, has been published now on I posted it last week in the articles section here, and if you’re a regular you’ve read many of these thoughts before, but give it a read all the same if you’re so […]