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My Next Book – The Print & The Process

My next book just went up on Amazon. It’s always a little surreal because no one tells me these things and suddenly I’m looking at a cover of a book that looks suspiciously like mine. The less coffee I’ve had, the longer it takes me to figure it out. Wait! That’s MY book! :-)

The Print & The Process began with a short series of Craft & Vision eBooks. The idea was simple; the books were a chance to show my work, and then the work of some other talented photographers as the series went on, before diving into the how and why  – the process – of making those images. I still think photographic education is perilously anaemic when it comes to teaching about the process of creation, and I hoped that this kind of approach would be helpful. So when my publisher, Peachpit, agreed to do a print book about this very thing I was really excited. The book’s written, the images are in, and it’s now in layout. In December it’ll be printed and shipping. When I have more to show you, like internal layouts and samples, I’ll pass them on as quickly as I can.

The Print & The Process is divided into four parts. The first two are re-edited versions of two of my books from the original ebook series – the Venice and the Iceland books. The second half of the book is work that almost no one has seen in its fullness – my Antarctica work, of which I’ve shown only a few images, and my work from Northern Kenya for The Boma Project, which means I get to finally show my humanitarian work, and discuss the process behind that work, which is largely portraiture. The Boma Project is close to my heart in a way no organization has ever been and I’m thrilled to be able to show that work. 10% of the profits from the sale of The Print and The Process will go towards The Boma Project in Northern Kenya as they work among the poorest of the poor to build sustainable, self-reliant, micro-businesses.

The joke of all this is that after my first 3 books I said I was slowing down. Then I accidentally wrote Photographically Speaking, adding a 4th book to an intended trilogy. Then I said I was really going to slow down. I’ve just given up even pretending that I know how to slow down. I do know this is the last education book I do until I publish a fine art book, which I hope to have out in a year from now. Hey, I know I’ve said this all before, but it needs to be said again – every person that buys these books, asks their libraries to get them, and talks them up on Twitter and Facebook, is part of that which allows me, every day, to do what I love. I am so, so grateful. Thank you. If you’re interested, you can pre-order the book now from the links below.

The Print and The Process is available for pre-order now from Amazon HERE
The Print and The Process is available for pre-order now from Barnes & Noble HERE


Mar 21st


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