Jun 19th


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Back in the Khutz

20150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-1014Three days is not enough for these adventures, even less so when Air Canada loses your luggage en route to Prince Rupert and you’re socked in by fog the first morning, but when we finally flew into the Khutzeymateen Inlet in British Columbia’s wild west coast, and began sitting with the grizzlies from our inflatable zodiac, it’s like time just stopped. Words can’t describe what I feel for these bears and the experience of being among them, in their home, but I hope the photographs can. Four of us chartered the Ocean Light II, giving us more room in the Zodiac (there are usually 8 passengers), and the ability to work with our guide, Tom, in a much more focused way. What a time we had. The golden bear you see in most of these images was amazing. We named her Bella and sat with her for hours watching her do her thing. She was patient with us, went about her day without giving any sense she minded us there, and seemed to welcome us when we returned looking for her the next day. In between there were crab dinners and long conversations, early morning kayaking, and the indescribable peace of a 6am coffee on the deck of the boat when others have not yet pulled themselves from their bunks.

See images and articles about my last trip to the Khutzeymateen here, and also here.


20150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-105020150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-DUO-1 20150616-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-5141 20150616-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-3014 20150617-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-5121 20150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-361 20150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-4178 20150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-DUO-2 20150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-835 20150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-609 20150616-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-5049 20150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-677 20150615-duChemin-Khutzeymateen-572

I’m putting together a YouTube channel, hoping to release it later this month or in early July. It’ll be called Vision Is Better and is really just a way for me to engage with you in a different way without always having to write things down. The first couple episodes will be about this trip – if you’ve got guestions about gear, process, or Lightroom work, or something else related to this particular set of images – feel free to leave them below. I’d love to include some of them in the podcast.

Apr 29th


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What an unforgettable week. Last Sunday I closed the door of my Vancouver loft for the last time, threw my SCUBA gear into the Jeep and headed to the airport to pick up one of my best friends. We got on a ferry to Vancouver Island and headed north to Port Hardy, camping for a […]

Mar 29th


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Time Taken

When I encourage younger photographers to take their time it’s because we tend to be obsessed with doing things faster and too often the speed with which we do things subverts our mindfulness and creativity. It also sabotages the chance for relationships, which won’t hurt you if you’re shooting air shows, but when you’re making […]

Mar 17th


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Northern Kenya: A Case Study

Two weeks ago I returned from assignment work in northern Kenya. You’ve seen some of the work already. It’s by far my favourite work, done for my favourite organization – the Boma Project. In fact I like them so much that after my first assignment with them I became a donor, and committed to making […]

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