Sep 9th


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On the Road Again


This trip is a long one, folks. Tomorrow I leave for Delhi, will be lecturing with Matt Brandon at The Himalaya Club, and then meeting our Lumen Dei team on the 15th of September. We’ll spend a couple days shooting in Old Delhi, then fly to Ladakh for two weeks of photography and trekking. At the end of the month I meet my wife back in Delhi and together we’ll fly to Kathmandu for a month. I’ve got clients there and aim to do some writing and shoot some personal projects. Towards the end of our time in Kathmandu, Gavin Gough will be joining us and Gavin and I are going to do some catching up, and there’s a strong possibility we’ll kick back a pint of Everest lager and some water-buffalo momos.

My first three weeks will likely be internet free. Which means I am leaving you as orphans. I’ve posted some articles ahead of time so you don’t get too used to my absence, but it’s going to be sparse and sporadic. Sorry. When I settle into our place in KTM, I will have wireless internet and will become a little more frequent, but I’m treating next month, as much as I can, as a sabbatical, so I won’t be publishing as frequently.

Sadly, when I get home from this trip I will be soon again heading back out to Africa for a few weeks of shooting. And in January, I’ll be doing a month around the world, returning and getting ready to hit my book deadline. And going out for World Vision again. Things are going to become pretty lean for a while.

I’m tired just writing it. Check back when you like, if you’re trying to get in touch with me, please be patient and know that email is the only way it’s going to happen. info at pixelatedimage dot com.

Aug 29th


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September-October Wallpaper

I’m in India – mostly Ladakh – from September 10 until Sept 27, then in Nepal – mostly Kathmandu – until October 24. I’ll spend much of my time within site of Stupas and prayer flags, and while in Kathmandu will be living not far from this one. Because of my extended absence and the […]

Aug 29th


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Travelling Photographers: More Packing Stuff

I know, for a guy who’s always going on and on about the dangers of gear lust, I’m suspiciously inconsistent. But what’re you gonna do, right? I leave for India in 12 days. So here’s some visual aids re. my packing for this coming trip. I put my Pocket Wizard on my G9 and fired […]

Aug 22nd


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Packing Light? I think not.

I’ve got a few posts lined up in the coming days related to my packing for this upcoming trip. I’ll be gone nearly 8 weeks, and need to take light trekking gear, photographic gear, and all the usual stuff you take to be prepared. So when today I did a dry-run on my packing process […]