Jul 21st


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The Hawaiian Hiatus: Almost Over.


Still in Hawaii. Spent Saturday snorkelling in the waters just North of Kona. Bought a small waterproof film camera and shot my first roll of film in five years. Strange not being able to look at them right away. Spent Sunday snorkelling at Cook’s monument with my students, bookended by a forced march up and down the mountain. If that hike was any indication, I am clearly in need of more training before Kashmir

My time in Hawaii has been wonderful, teaching photography and my Vision-Driven theory and practice for 5 days. Spent some time with colleague and new friend Gary S Chapman and his lovely wife and made fast friends with them. Gary shot the image above last Wednesday, I think, while I tried my hand, not overly successfully, to shoot something resembling a landscape/seascape. Instead I got wet. But I really enjoyed myself.

I really have not had much time to shoot, and what spare time I’ve had I have spent enjoying myself, and that’s meant leaving the cameras in my room and just lovin’ on Kona. And in return Kona has been lovin’ on me. Man this place is nice. Sorry for my absence this week – but it’s a sign of things to come as I get ready for busy season.

Ok, a couple things.

1. Check out this site. It’s called Lightmark and it features the lightpainting images of a couple from Germany. I love this work.

2. The Layers blog has announced a contest and if you want to win a free iPhone, check it out HERE. Don’t want a free iPhone? How about a full conference pass to Photoshop World in Vegas? Books? Magazines? Ok, how about a tutorial by Chris Orwig on great B/W conversions in Lightroom? It’s all here in this post on the Layers Blog. HERE.

3. Loving the idea of free stuff? Here’s another contest, the prize being a set of Pocket Wizard Plus II wireless radio triggers for your strobe(s) – awesome. Find it on the Strobist HERE.

4. I’ve got an insane fall and with that comes less time for other projects, but I have room now for ONE more mentoring client. If you’re looking to improve your shooting – want to take it to the next level – or to have someone to walk through your transition from amateur to pro with you, check out my Mentoring Program. I only have room for one, so get in touch quickly. If I don’t get any interest this week I am going to shut the doors on this and the next opportunity won’t be until the spring. Check it out HERE.

I leave Hawaii tonight and will resume more regular posting this week. But give me tomorrow (Tuesday) to take a breather.

Jul 16th


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Postcard From Kona

7am. Sitting on my balcony overlooking the water, a newly arrived cruise ship, and white billowing thunderheads. Gorgeous here. I’m doing final prep for today’s classes and need to be off in a few minutes. Love it here. Apologies for not being as active in the comments as I usually am, especially in the post […]

Jul 10th


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Jodhpur: The Blue City

Jodhpur is a town in Rajasthan, India, that I would go back to time and time again if I could. Steve McCurry calls it “almost too good to be true.” I spent a week there in January last year and truly felt at home. The walls in most of the old city of Jodhpur are […]

Jul 9th


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Quoted in MSN Travel

Want to be a smarter shutterbug when you travel? MSN Travel has a two page article, in which my opinions (of which there is no shortage,) make a starring appearance. I think the funniest thing about the article, which is not bad advice for folks wanting to up the ante with their travel snapshots, is […]

Jul 3rd


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The Best Travel Tripod, Part 2

A while ago I posted a short article about “the best travel tripods.” I knew when I did it that the quest was quixotic at best, but I’ve never shied away from the impossible. I’m reckless that way. The thing is, when people google “what’s the best travel tripod” they’re asking others to find the […]