Jul 28th


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Model Releases

releasesThe Travel Photographer has been on a roll the last few days. On Friday he posted a short article about Model Releases, on Saturday an article about the censorship of war photographers, and on Sunday, an article about photographing people and the need for relationships. All good stuff. The article on model releases reminded me to finally post my thoughts – I get at least a couple emails a week asking me how I approach this subject.

Q:Do I use model releases when I shoot internationally.

A: Sometimes. When I shoot for a client, like World Vision, and they ask for signed consent, we get it. It’s not always easy, but we have field staff who speak the language and usually the hardest part is just tracking down the actual legal guardian of children we’ve photographed. But when I travel on my own and shoot for my portfolio or no specific client, I do not release my images. My rational is similar to that of Tewfic El-Sawy – it’s just not feasable, or even appropriate sometimes. How do you deal with people who are iliterate? What about child-headed households in Africa? What about plain old language barriers?

Doesn’t this prevent me from selling certain images to certain clients? Yes it does, and I’m ok with that. In the end the question is not “should I get my images released?” it’s “does my intended use or client require that I have a release?” If the answer is yes, then you need releases or you need to change your expectations for the uses of your images.

There’s some good discussion about all this going on these days over at Scott Kelby’s blog, and the input is coming from experts, not just other photographers with opinions. Start HERE.


Speaking of Scott Kelby – check in on his blog today (Monday), rumour has it he’s making a big announcement about August 23. I’ll recap it once it’s been made public, but you’re going to want to get in on this if you can. Scott’s blog HERE.

Jul 27th


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Havana? Cairo? Hanoi?

This January I’m traveling around the world for a project and among other places will be spending time in Havana, Cairo, and Hanoi. I’m pretty stoked. The interactivity on this blog has been awesome lately, so in keeping with that I thought I’d throw this one out there – if anyone has been to either […]

Jul 24th


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Hypothetically Speaking

Ok, y’all know me, and I know some of you. I think we’re now close enough that I can ask those really personal questions – like, say, those of you that never wear a photographers vest – why not? For those that have them – what do you hate about them, love about them, or […]

Jul 21st


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The Hawaiian Hiatus: Almost Over.

Still in Hawaii. Spent Saturday snorkelling in the waters just North of Kona. Bought a small waterproof film camera and shot my first roll of film in five years. Strange not being able to look at them right away. Spent Sunday snorkelling at Cook’s monument with my students, bookended by a forced march up and […]

Jul 16th


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Postcard From Kona

7am. Sitting on my balcony overlooking the water, a newly arrived cruise ship, and white billowing thunderheads. Gorgeous here. I’m doing final prep for today’s classes and need to be off in a few minutes. Love it here. Apologies for not being as active in the comments as I usually am, especially in the post […]