Sep 13th


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Situation in Delhi

Hi folks – a quick note to let you all know we’re fine. I have a lot of family and friends that check in here when I travel so this is the easiest way to say we’re ok.

Delhi was rocked last night by a series of bomb blasts, one close to our hotel. Matt Brandon and I were lecturing at the Himalayan Club at the time – had a great evening despite it all. Unfortunately this is, in some senses, business as usual for India. But we’re all well, the Lumen Dei team is arriving in trickles (welcome to Delhi, keep your head down). We begin tomorrow, will spend two days shooting in Old Delhi and Nizammudin, then head to Ladakh at 5am on Wednesday.

Last night I was struck by how normal all this is. Had this happened in the US people would be glued to a news channel like CNN and there we would sit, wringing our hands. Here, we just all went to dinner and had a wonderful time. It’s not that there was a lack of concern, but people who live with this all the time generally live without so much fear as we who only imagine it. My father once told me to be careful as I travel. A former UN peacekeeper, he knows whereof he speaks. But I’m no longer sure he’s totally right. I think in light of constant realities like this, life becomes more valued, not less, so time is too dear to be spent in fear.

We’re well here. Thanks for checking in.

Sep 12th


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Delhi, 4am

Got into Delhi about 24 hours ago. Hot here. Spent today in Chandni Chowk, one of my favourite places to shoot. Matt Brandon and I wandered for a several hours, shooting and talking. My images from the day suggest it was mostly the latter.The first day or two is always the hardest for me, getting […]

Sep 9th


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On the Road Again

This trip is a long one, folks. Tomorrow I leave for Delhi, will be lecturing with Matt Brandon at The Himalaya Club, and then meeting our Lumen Dei team on the 15th of September. We’ll spend a couple days shooting in Old Delhi, then fly to Ladakh for two weeks of photography and trekking. At […]