Jun 10th


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Show me the world

earthmapTrips on the horizon include Kashmir, Kathmandu, Cuba, some un-specified World Vision work, and now an around-the-world trip. I have travel on the brain – but it’s not the travel itself that I love, it’s exploring parts of this world I’ve not yet seen, photographing people and cultures I’ve not yet immersed myself in. It’s the anticipation of wandering aimlessly through souks and markets and side-streets and discovering a convergence of place, people and moment, that will never happen in the same way ever again. I am giddy with excitement.

And in the midst of it, my friend Gavin Gough moves to Thailand and the lucky guy gets to wander and shoot every day. I am seething with friendly jealousy. Check out Gavin’s blog and his latest posts on Thailand here.

My Lumen Dei partner-in-crime, Matt Brandon, is now on his way to Malaysia, Penang to be exact. I feel orphaned. Perhaps it’s time to move to Kathmandu so we can all chill together once in a while. If you haven’t spent time on either Matt or Gavin’s galleries, you need to.

In my giddy anticipation I bought the 2008 Lonely Planet BlueList. Excellent, excellent book, and this year it features a whole section on travelling the muslim world, which is a strong draw to me. It features some really great lists and suggestions, and some of the best photography I’ve seen in an LP book.

I’m appreciating the emails and comments I’m getting from the last post. If you missed it, I’m looking for feedback on your favourite countries ever – the places you’d recommend for shooting people, places, cultures. Anyone been to Syria? I’m thinking about adding Damascus to the list. Havana, Cairo, Hanoi, Kathmandu, Penang are also thoughts. So many places, so little time. If you’ve got thoughts add them.

Here’s your wisdom of the day, while we’re talking about travelling, and shooting:

“Your ability to see is not increased by the distance you put between yourself and your home. If you do not see what is around you every day, what will you see when you go to Tangiers?” – Freeman Patterson, Photography and the Art of Seeing.

Thanks for your patience, the last couple days haven’t been jam-packed with blog content, and I’m grateful y’all stick it out with me when I get busy or travelling.

Jun 5th


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Travelling Photographers: Staying Healthy

If there’s one thing that makes it tough, if not impossible, to create great photographs while on location, it’s being waylaid with sickness. So if you’re traveling to an exotic location, the more precautions you take the better your chances of staying upright. Here’s what I do. I’m not a doctor, so take this as […]

Jun 2nd


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The Best Travel Tripod?

If there’s one question that seems to come up with traveling photographers more than “what’s the perfect bag?” it’s “what’s the best travel tripod?” And that question is almost almost qualified with, “and it has to be light, sturdy, compact, and inexpensive.” And if possible it must come with little tripod faeries to carry it […]

May 30th


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Gitzo Fleece Pocket Extravaganza

This looks awesome. I have a weakness for black fleece, and pockets. And anything that’s black fleece with a ton of pockets? Like crack cocaine. And this jacket from Gitzo is pricier than crack cocaine. The $400 price-tag invites the temptation to make jokes about getting fleeced. Sorry, I resisted the temptation but I am […]

May 5th


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NEED Magazine, New Baggage Rules, New Lighting Book…

Aspiring humanitarian photographers will want to look into NEED – The Humanitarian Magazine. This is a first class magazine with excellent photography and a strong focus. It’s not filled with ads, just great stories and great images and a really elegant layout. If you’re looking for inspiration, this is it. Subscriptions start around $30 depending […]