Aug 21st


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They Call Me The Space Cowboy

passportI did not have a good morning. My tale of woe:

Rush to Indian Consulate General in Vancouver with Canadian passports, money orders, and completed visa applications. Get there second in line, decide to double check my docs.

You know that sinking feeling you get as something dawns on you and yet the part of you that wants not to believe that life can be that cruel fights against it and the wrestling between your optimism and the brute force of reality makes you nauseous? Yeah, it was that.

My wife’s passport was there. Mine was not. Look through bag, nothin’. Go outside, hail cab, rush home and ransack place while cabbie reads up on the latest news from the Punjab. Nothin. Get back in cab with UK passport, go back to consulate, apply for more expensive visa in UK passport. Bus home, check in at coffee shop where I’d had my morning coffee. Nothin. Get home, phone rings, tell friend passport missing, he asks where I saw it last, I resist urge to say bad, insulting, things and instead tell him that I don’t know, probably a week ago when I was scanning my…

Check scanner. Passport falls out with grin on face. Sheepishly thank friend for his sagacious insight, immediately assume he has prophetic gifts.

Check in with rehab center to get free of the street-grade moronohol I seem to be addicted to and free-basing like I’m Amy Winehouse, only willing to admit my problem.

Don’t let this happen to you. Do you know where your passport is? Yes? Good. Do you know where your brain is? Mine seems to have buggered off this week.

Aug 19th


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Heading To Ladakh

Sure, change is good, but it’s usually a hell of alot of work, and stress as well. Matt Brandon and I are gearing up for our Lumen Dei Workshop and Tour in Kashmir, India. Two weeks ago the relative recent stability of Srinagar blew up in a maelstrom of protests, rock-throwing, grenades, curfews, and people […]

Aug 14th


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Why I went with Hyperdrive

I got alot of email from folks about yesterday’s post. Some asking for more details on why I chose Hyperdrive, some saying how much they liked their own solutions. So here’s what tipped me in favour of Hyperdrive over the other options I listed and many I did not. 1. Cost. It’s just cheaper than […]

Aug 5th


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Travel Photography: Ten Commandments

Tewfic El-Sawy has posted his version of the travel photographer’s ten commandments and while they don’t give Mosaic law a run for the money – I still contend we ought not covet our neighbor’s donkey – these ones have their own special relevance. Take a moment to read them HERE. Tewfic’s blog, The Travel Photographer […]