Aug 22nd


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These boots? Made fer walking.

boots1Tomorrow is the Worldwide PhotoWalk across the globe. That’s what makes it Worldwide, I’m guessin’.

For all of you out there, I got this from the WWPW Intergalactic HQ this week and am pasting a version of it here, specifically for my Vancouver PhotoWalkers, but it’ll be helpful to others walking elsewhere as well. I’m modifying a version Matt Brandon edited for his walk in Malaysia. More after the jump…


Aug 12th


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Tuesday Tune-Up

I’ll spare you the usual reminder to back up your harddrives (but when’s the last time you did it?) and I’m not going to hound you to calibrate your monitor. Those you can do on your own after you finish your internet time and go back to the real world. I have a bigger tune-up […]

Jul 10th


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Jodhpur: The Blue City

Jodhpur is a town in Rajasthan, India, that I would go back to time and time again if I could. Steve McCurry calls it “almost too good to be true.” I spent a week there in January last year and truly felt at home. The walls in most of the old city of Jodhpur are […]

Jul 9th


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Wednesday's Miscellanea.

The Travel Photographer links to a great article by Vincent Laforet. It’s a lengthy one but for aspiring professionals it’s a must read. The title, The Cloud is Falling, should suggest that Laforet, who I have great respect for, spends the article running amuck and crying “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.” He […]

Jul 8th


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Ex Nihilo, Nihilo Fit

Out of nothing, nothing comes, that’s what the pithy Latin bit at the top means. And baby, I got nothing. So, in the wake of this disappointment, I suggest you do the following: 1. Recalibrate your monitor. 2. Backup yer stuff. All of it. 3. Optimize yer Lightroom Catalogs. 4. Shut the computer, go shoot […]

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