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Dec 2nd


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The Inspired Eye, Vol.I

Inspired-vol1-cover-blogThis is the latest. I’m not even going to try explaining yet another book. What can I say, I got distracted, starting playing with a concept, I accidentally ended up with another book when I had no intention of doing so until January. Move along. Nothing to see here.

The Inspired Eye, Vol.I, Notes on Creativity for Photographers is the first in a two volume set about the creative process, and it’s not like the last four. For starters, with the exception of the cover, all the images are black and white, and presented much smaller. It’s a much different look. For another, there isn’t a lick of how-to in this book. Not even a creative exercise posing as a how-to. It’s discussion about the creative process, quotes from creative luminaries like Picasso and Frank Lloyd Wright, and a handful of my images.

Why this book? An excerpt:

Because for the creative photographer, our making of photographs is an outward expression of something inward. If my previous writings insist that the question How ought to be preceded by the question Why, then this book assumes that the discussion of photography as an outward expression ought to be preceded by – or at least accompanied by – a discussion about the inner life from which that outward expression springs.

Another reason is a more experiential one. For the past three years my blog, The Pixelated Image, has become a gathering place for people who seem weary of all this geeking-out over technology and technique without ever considering concepts like vision. Time and again people have emailed me telling me how much they resonate with something I’ve said about vision or my own journey as a photographer wrestling to find and express that vision. I’ve been on workshops in the Himalayas and listened to capable photographers tell me about their feelings of frustration and inadequacy as though it were a shameful secret.

It’s time we talked about it openly. It’s time we took a look at issues we all wrestle with – from understanding creativity and inspiration, to hearing – finally – that other photographers struggle to find and express their vision, and in that commonality find a little relief. Because if it’s normal to feel this way and to find it hard to uncover our inspiration or feel good about our efforts to express it, then we can stop wondering what’s wrong with ourselves and get on with the task at hand – the difficult, painful, beautiful, eye-opening process of seeing and photographing the world from our perspective.

It’s 28 pages, still a downloadable PDF, and still only $5


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*Use coupon code INSPIRED20 to get The Inspired Eye for $4 until the end of Dec.12/2009. It works for any combination of the ebooks, so buy one or buy five, it’s all 20% off. The easiest way to do that is HERE on the Craft&Vision website.

Flickroom, Lumen Dei 2010, & Other Stuff.

First, today is the official release day for VisionMongers. I got my copy on Friday and it looks great. Kudos to the fine folks at Peachpit who make my stuff look like a million bucks. Because when it leaves my harddrives it looks like a chaotic pile of words and disorganized images. Am I excited? […]

Nov 12th


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At least a couple times a week I get a great email from someone with something nice to say, some piece of advice they’re seeking, or just a general “hey how are ya?” and that email will say something like “I’m just an amateur photographer, but…” Just? That word elicits some pretty mixed responses in […]

Nov 9th


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Get A Life.

There’s this great story about William Shatner ( aka Capt Kirk aka the guy) at a Star Trek convention. Clearly a bit put off by his fans he yelled at them to “Get a life!” Ok, not much of a story, more like a cautionary tale about biting the hand that feeds you, but […]

Nov 5th


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The Power of What If…?

I’m reading an article right now on creativity; it’s from the December 2009 issue Psychology Today (as is the picture above). My wife, who loves me more than she fears being arrested, stole accidentally borrowed it from our chiropractor’s office so I could read it. I plan to return it. Probably. You should acquire a […]