Dec 7th


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Join Me This Evening


This evening my publishers – Peachpit – are hosting a video conversation with me at 5pm PST. The disussion begins with me addressing some issues related to VisionMongers, then the bulk of the conversation becomes just that – a conversation. You can ask questions which will be moderated and fed to me, and we’ll have an hour to hash out some of this stuff. I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m told there’s limited space, so go HERE and sign up to get the secret location and secret handshake needed to get past the big guy at the door.

The reception for VisionMongers has been phenomenal, and both Chase Jarvis and Zack Arias have had some really encouraging things to say about it. Amazon reviews are trickling in now too and the one I loved said “there’s nothing new here,” which makes me chuckle because it’s so true. The only thing new about VisionMongers is that some of this stuff just needed to be said. There are no secrets, it’s a challenge to combine craft and commerce, and the wisdom we lean on to build a business in the creative arts is the same wisdom anyone else leans on. If all VisionMongers does is pull back the curtain a little and give people a more honest look at some of the challenges and the skills needed to meet those challenges, it’ll have done what I aimed to accomplish. If you’re working your way through it, feel free to leave comments here or on Amazon. If the book leaves you with questions, then leave those here too and we’ll discuss them. I’d love to get a more consistent dialogue going – and that’s not only for the working photographers, but for all of us.

Speaking of VisionMonger issues, here’s two things you need to check out in your spare time – the first is last week’s guest article over at Scott Kelby’s blog. Scott continues to feed us an incredibly diversity of voices and THIS article by Ryan Anderson is excellent. The other thing is THIS article on Freelance Switch about raising your prices. Check them out when you have a moment.

Finally, be sure to check out the growing list of excellent Depth of Field Interviews by Matt Brandon, the latest installment is Ami Vitale and is a must-listen. And it’s free. You can listen to that interview HERE on Matt’s blog.

Dec 1st


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BIG FAT Winner

Tim Toole is a BIG FAT WINNER. He won through a random draw, but his cards are still nice and they clearly communicate who they are and what they do. Do yours? At the beginning of the month I announced the BIG FAT BUSINESS CARD GIVEAWAY THING. The contest name was big. The prize package […]

Nov 24th


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Craft and Vision

Got in late last night from a long weekend in Seattle. We went a little under-the-radar and I know there were people that would have liked to have connected but I really needed some time to hang with my wife, and eat some great food. Sorry. We had relaxing to do, and the moment you […]

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