Nov 24th


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Craft and Vision


Got in late last night from a long weekend in Seattle. We went a little under-the-radar and I know there were people that would have liked to have connected but I really needed some time to hang with my wife, and eat some great food. Sorry. We had relaxing to do, and the moment you start making too many plans… Anyways, had a blast, walked around, did some shopping, had a quick chance to see my friend Joe about re-designing some of my stuff and to stop in Fremont on the way out of town to have lunch with Chase Jarvis who took me to a place with the best sushi I’ve ever had. It was amazing. I’ll bring up the lunch with Chase at some point this week, I suspect, because each time I talk with the man I spend a couple days digesting his ideas. Anyways, all that to say, I got in late, and this is a short post.

Craft and Vision – – is the new home of the eBooks I’ve been producing (screenshot above). You can still get there through the Books link at the top of this page too. You’re welcome to head over and look around. In the coming months this site will grow as new ebooks get published. Dave Delnea’s first title, Below The Horizon, Understanding Light at the Edges of Day, will be next out of the gate, and I’ve got two more coming, though not quickly, and they’ll be much different from the first four. Keep an eye open.

Also, huge thanks to Scott Kelby and Scott Bourne who both created holiday gift guides featuring Within The Frame. Scott Bourne’s is related to books (find it HERE) and Scott Kelby’s Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide is his usual fantastic round-up of great gear (you can find it HERE)

Finally, VisionMongers is now in a lot of hands and the reception’s been truly gratifying. If you’ve read it and would recommend it to others, can I be so cheeky as to ask for an review? These things mean a lot in the whole Amazon world, and while I’m only asking you to be honest, I’d be grateful for the review.

Thanks. See you tomorrow.

Nov 19th


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What’s A VisionMonger?

Early this week, my second book – VisionMongers, Making a Life and a Living in Photography, was released. Holding your own book in your hands just doesn’t get old. Neither does running to the bookstore to put my books in front of Kelby and McNally’s Hey, they started it. By now y’all know I’m addicted […]

Oct 5th


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VisionMongers Going To Press

My second book, VisionMongers, Making a Life and a Living in Photography, is going to press in a week, earlier than originally planned. Why? Because y’all said you couldn’t wait and I’m not so patient myself. It means that the book will be released on November 16 and anyone who pre-ordered on will get […]

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