Mar 31st


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April 2009 Wallpaper


Your desktop wallpaper for April.  I shot it in Old Havana, CUBA.

This image is 1280×853 (click it for the larger file). If you want a larger one, click HERE for a 2560×1600 version.

Now, I get a tonne of downloads on these desktop wallpapers and a couple folks have made comments in passing that they’d love to be able to use favourite wallpapers longer than a month without looking at a long out-of-date calendar. If you download this one, or you often do, would you leave comment and just tell me whether you like the monthly calendar being on there or just prefer me to remove it? Hey, I live to serve.


Mar 1st


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March 2009 Wallpaper

Your desktop wallpaper for March. It’s a bit of a departure for me; thought I’d try something a little different. I swore I’d never do anything that someone might call, ahem, “painterly” but I’m ready to admit this one might do that. Possibly too painterly. Next month I’ll have unicorns and fairies and stuff, God […]

Feb 4th


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February 2009 Wallpaper

Sorry for being late on this one. I started using this shot as my own wallpaper almost as soon as I shot it, so it was a natural for sharing. Shot in the fog in Sapa, Viet Nam. Post-processed in Lightroom using a preset I call Bamboo that brings the moody House of Flying Daggers […]

Dec 30th


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January 2009 Wallpapers

January’s wallpaper, shot last year in January in Kairouan, Tunisia. Kairouan is the 4th holiest city in Islam and is one of the coolest little towns I’ve been in. Love at first sight kind of place. This image is 1280×853 (click it for the larger file). If you want a larger one, click HERE for […]

Nov 29th


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December 2008 Wallpapers

This is December’s wallpaper. Shot 100 metres from my door and just inches from the Pacific Ocean. It’s a little more abstract than I usually go for. What can I say, reading too much Freeman Patterson and playing too much with my new Lensbaby.  This image is 1280×853 (click it for the larger file). If […]

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