May 21st


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Wednesday Miscellanea

Scott Kelby has finally come to his senses and abandoned his No Blog Wednesday policy in favour of Guest Blog Wednesdays. It’s clear the man needs a break, but why make us suffer, right? (Totally kidding, Scott!) – Head over to Photoshop Insider for the first guest post by Vincent Versace. If  you’ve been enjoying […]

May 7th


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Blogging Tips for Photographers

So you read the post about why you should(n’t) have a blog and you’ve decided to start one, or resucitate your current blog. Here’s ten non-canonical blogging tips for running a blog that is a solid resource for the community for which you are writing. In no particular order: 1. Pick a target. Making some […]

May 6th


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You Definitely Should(n't) Blog.

A while back there was much discussion on the Travel Photographers Network about photographers and blogs and whether the twain should meet. Then I dug a little deeper in other places – places less civil than the kind folks who populate TPN – and was amazed by (1) the polarity of the opinions and (2) […]

Apr 26th


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News and Stuff (Gratuitous Rants included)

I’m en route from Tampa to Vancouver, briefly stopped in Denver for a coffee and a change of planes. On Friday I spent the day with Scott Kelby, had lunch, did some shooting at the Tarpon sponge docks, did a very quick one-take interview for Photoshop TV, and then went out to dinner at Maggiano’s […]

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