Apr 21st


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Inspiration (For Sale)


My limited edition monograph, The Pixelated Image, made Scott Kelby’s Top 5 List today. It’s a long list of favourites from gear to books to teachers to places. The Pixelated Image made it to his Top 5 Photography Books That Will Inspire You list. Quite an honour coming from Mr. Kelby.

This book is a collector’s item. Only 100 will ever be printed, they’re hand-signed and numbered, and they aren’t cheap. The funds I am raising from the sale of this book are going towards my Women and Children First project which is a creative funding solution to get me shooting for NGOs working in the developing world with women and orphans and vulnerable children. Lots of great groups out there need photo-resources for fund-raising and advocacy, this will help me get there for one or two of them.

More information here.

Inspiration is the intangible we all run on as creatives. It’s the in-breathing that gives us the spark, the a-ha! moment. It’s what pulls us out of those ruts. No matter how you do it, you need to be aware of what inspires you so you can pro-actively pursue it. Especially when you’re in the rut and can’t see over the sides. A year ago I wrote this post on the nature of inspiration – if you’re looking for some, give this a read.

In the mean time – comments are open – what inspires you?

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