Jun 23rd


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Monday. Quick Icons.

It’s just past noon on Monday and I’m only now getting to posting something. We had guests this weekend and I’m only now recovering. I usually put in more work over the weekends, just didn’t get to it this weekend so it all got bumped.

Ok, lame apologies aside, here’s something I discovered this morning while trying to organize some new projects. It’ll appeal to you if you’re visually oriented and kind of anal-retentive about being organized. Another apology: this is Mac OS-X only. I’m on Leopard but assuming it works on Tiger too. Could be wrong. For those that are left out – sorry. (Update – I’m told this is OSX Leopard only)

I like my desktop and folders to look good. I also like them to be easily identified and since I am a visual person I’ve taken to making custom icons for important files. But this morning I just wanted a down and dirty icon for a new project folder. Here’s what I did:

1. Make an image and make it square.

2. Save it in Photoshop as a JPEG.


3. Find that JPG in the finder, click it and hit CMD+i – this will bring up an info pallette with a little thumbnail at the top. Click that and hit cmd+c (Update – Follow the instructions, and the REVERSE of the image below. I mixed it up. Sorry.)


4. Find the folder for which you want this ad hoc icon, click it, hit cmd+i, find the little thumbnail as you did in step 3, click it and hit cmd+v


5. That should paste a new icon. If you used a square you won’t have transparency issues. Now just delete the jpg image and you’re done.

Nov 23rd


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This is why we back-up our stuff…

Today was one of “those” days. I’m in the final stages of preparing to leave on assignment and in the middle of doing some routine stuff this morning (backing-up my laptop, ironically) my laptop harddrive died. I’m sick and was hoping for a day of lying around recovering. Instead I spent it freaking out and […]

Jul 19th


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ZINK joins PixelatedImage.

A couple months ago I posted news about a new product called ZINK. ZINK stands for Zero INK and is the future of mobile printing. We have mobile everything and cell phones now have cameras, but still no way to easily print those images. Enter ZINK. In a few months the first ZINK printers will […]

May 11th


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Fluid Galleries – Anyone Want a 50% deal?

I have a friend who’s getting in on the Evrium Two For One deal in June and he’s looking for someone to go halvesies (I can’t believe I just wrote that word with a straight face). So, if you’re interested in the Evrium Fluid Galleries software and you want a deal, please leave a comment […]

Jan 31st


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Portfolio Galleries

I think I’ve posted something along these lines before but I continue to get emails asking what kind of software I am using to post my portfolios. I am using Evrium’s Fluid Galleries 2 Basic. I suspect I will upgrade to the professional package sooner than later, but here’s the lowdown on why I use […]

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