Jul 15th


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Fluid Galleries

I was about to post this when Trevor weighed in asking about it. So this one’s for Trevor.

The new galleries on PixelatedImage are posted with Fluid Galleries (click here to go to their website). On purchase they place files on your server – you then access your admin page online and post photos, edit your configuration, etc. It’s very fast, very elegant, and intuitive. I won’t try to sell you on it – visit the galleries and see for yourself.

I love Fluid Galleries. The folks at Evrium Corp communicate well and clearly and the whole process for me went like a dream.

Additionally they have a referral program. If you have any intention of getting this software please let me know first. I will send in a referal and they will kindly send me $50. When they send my $50 I will send half of it to you as a thank you. You save, I save, we all win. But you have to tell me FIRST so I can send in a form saying I am referring you. Not trying to make money here, just pay off the software, and you get to save $25.

Check them out. Some of the nicest portfolios I have seen online have fluid galleries on the back end.

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