Dec 18th


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Aperture Revisited

Ok, so I have had a copy of Aperture to noodle with for more than a week now. I have had to revisit my thoughts about the program.

First of all, it is SLOW. Now, if I had the new G5 quad, i am sure it would run like bullets and gunsmoke (no. i have NO idea what that means. But it seemed to fit). But I just find it slow. Really slow.

Second, it still kinda feels like using video software to edit the photographs.

Third, did I mention it’s slow?

I really like much of it. REALLY. And I wish I could use the program whenever I want, but in order to use it you have to import the images you want to use and that takes time and it loads the images into some bizarre subfolder in the depths of my system. I hate that.

I still love the loupe tool. I still love the archiving and the use of master images and stacking and the ability to make some very cool books. For that reason I think I would keep Aperture to use for assembling a project, but not as my day to day viewer and photomanipulator.

So close….

Oct 20th


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Apple Releases Aperture

Apple has just released it’s pro-version of the much-flogged iPhoto. This is not an answer to Photoshop but is certainly a rival to Camera Raw, the PS plugin that processed RAW files. Well worth taking a look at, and a number of features absolutely thrill me. It comes with a professional price tage, about $600CDN […]

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