Feb 20th


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New Website – Trial

This weekend I posted a new PixelatedImage website. You can see it at the same address: PixelatedImage.com

If you have any thoughts on the new design – praises or constructive criticism, I’d love to hear it. Unless it’s one of you whiners without broadband. Sorry. It’s just a reality. You’re just going to have to schedule a week off so you can wait for the images to download. They probably won’t look that great on your old Commodore 64 anyways. :-)

No, seriously, they won’t.

Oct 20th


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Apple Releases Aperture

Apple has just released it’s pro-version of the much-flogged iPhoto. This is not an answer to Photoshop but is certainly a rival to Camera Raw, the PS plugin that processed RAW files. Well worth taking a look at, and a number of features absolutely thrill me. It comes with a professional price tage, about $600CDN […]

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