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Nov 29th


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Next Stop New Zealand

This has been a really fun couple of weeks. The response to the most recent blog posts about living fully and without regret has re-kindled a fire in me, and I’m grateful to you for being as open as you’ve been. I’m excited to be looking forward at a year of adventure and new stories. And really, it’s already started.

I took Jessie into the shop to get some regular maintenance things done (she is a 17-year old truck, after all), as well as better headlights and spare tire, tow hooks, and some other things that make mechanics geek-out. She’ll be in and out of a couple shops between now and when I leave on February 28th, and by the time she’s done she’ll be a different looking truck, complete with a rooftop tent.

In the meantime I’m planning and dreaming and making long lists of the people who’ve so graciously offered hospitality. And I’m trying hard to get ready for New Zealand, for which those that know me well will be shocked to know I’ve only just started packing now. I leave on Sunday which allows more time than most sane people take, but for me this constitutes a rushed, last-minute packing. :-) (I wrote this on Friday, Nov.26 to publish on Monday, so by the time you read this, I’ll be there. Or I’ll still be losing my mind on a long-haul flight.)

I’ll be in New Zealand for three weeks, come home roughly on the 20 December, and have a couple days at home before flying to Jamaica to learn some underwater photography and join my parents for Christmas. I intend to post the odd postcard from the New Zealand, but as with any journey involving The Legendary H, you just never know how things are going to go and where we’ll end up! Stay tuned. I’ll post images and updates as I can.

PS – Not likely that the desktop wallpaper is going to happen on time, but I’m hoping I can post one within a few days of my being in New Zealand. Fingers crossed. I haven’t forgotten, just a little pressed on time with all that’s happening.
PPS – I’m here now, about to have my first cup of morning coffee after a night in the RV and prepping for our first real day on the road. Cheers!

Nov 4th


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Here We Go Again

Bosnia, November 04 – 14, 2010. Click the map to see it larger. After a whopping 14 days home I’m heading to Sarajevo today to shoot for World Vision Canada in Bosnia. Very excited. ‘Round about this time every year they send me to Africa and as much as I adore Africa, last time it […]

Jan 28th


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Where In the The World, Feb 2010

In 20 minutes I leave for the Vancouver airport, fly to San Francisco where I meet up with my producer and friend, Gary. From there we overnight to Washington DC, have a 12 hour layover, then head to Dakar, Senegal. I’ll be shooting about 10 hours out of Dakar in what is technically beyond the […]

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