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Jan 1st


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Where In The World, Jan.02-Feb03, 2009


Happy New year. I trust 2009 will be a year of peace for you all.

I leave tomorrow for a month around the world. Exciting for me, bummer for you – this blog is about to get pretty quiet. I am going to try to post at least once from each destination, keep y’all posted on things, but if you’ve done any travel at all you know that internet access is not always fast, or easy. But there’s a pay-off. This trip is the final step in gathering the resources for my book. If it all goes to plan you could be holding that book in your hot little hands at the end of May.

Here’s the itinerary in simple form – Vancouver – Toronto – Havana, 6 days – Toronto – Frankfurt – Cairo, 6 days – Frankfurt – Bangkok – Kathmandu, 5 days – Bangkok, 2 days and dinner with Matt Brandon, Gavin Gough, and Jeffrey Chapman – Hanoi, 6 days – Seoul, 8 hours – San Francisco, 1 day  – Vancouver, landing around 3pm on February 3rd. 33 days, 32 nights, 7 countries, 13 flights. Airmiles coming out my wazoo.  Yeehaa.

So, I doubt I’ll post from Havana, but will do what I can to post at least once from Cairo, Kathmandu, Hanoi, and any other chance I get a break and am not too sick of staring at the laptop. I’ll do what I can to send a postcard when possible, promise.

When I get home I have 10 days to recover and deal with post-production before I need to be on planes again – this time to Tokyo and Bangkok en route to Dhaka for a week in Bangladesh for World Vision. And then I come home and finish the book.

Don’t forget to get in on the Acratech GV2 Giveaway – I’ll be doing the draw from Kathmandu somewhere around the 20th of January.

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